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Hello from Norway / Germany

edited October 2020 in Introduce Yourself
I have painted in oils since 2002. Almost everything in my paintings are different to what I see here in DrawMixPaint, but as I am very curious about other approaches, I like it here and hope to learn a lot. 
Underneath is an example of my art. This motive came to me as a famous songwriter and trubadour in Norway passed away. One of his songs that I loved to hear was called "In the hildring hour", it is about how good it feels, sailing out in the early morning while the sea fog still lies over the steep mountains on the coastal line. 
This trubadour also had a passion for the safety of sailors, and he was active in all that had to do with rescuing boats on the coast. He was very openminded and seemed to have no fear, I felt I could look into his heart. I saw him as a kind of a lighthouse, standing there, watching over the landscapes and the people who live on the coast, looking out over the sea in this hildring hour when sailing makes so much pleasure. And so I painted this "In the hildring hour". (100x80 cm, 2004, sold) 
As you see - not exactly natural or realistic - just my kind of making art.
CsontvaryArtGalGTO[Deleted User]


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