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The river Thames

Si1Si1 -
edited October 29 in Post Your Paintings
Latest and 1st attempt at a river landscape in oils. Painted on a 20x16" mdf board actual painting is 12X16" [2 inch border]. This is a river I have spent most of my life fishing and have admired the view from this spot many times over the years.
It took around 17 hrs to produce which is quite quick for me!
 I'm really enjoying painting in oils now and can't wait to do the next one, It is becoming quite an addiction! 
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  • @A_Time_To_Paint thanks for the kind words. Comparing it to MJS is some accolade! 
  • edited October 29
    Oh, @Si1, that's so beautiful! Michael J Smith eat your heart out!  The scene melts my heart. The composition is gorgeous, the grass and foliage are amazing and the water is just perfect. Well done!  :)
  • @tassieguy thanks so much, you made my day with your kind words. I have loads of photo's to paint but am pretty fussy about which ones I paint and seem to spend more time obsessing about that than actually painting! Glad you like it :)
  • Beautiful painting with a lot of details, would take me a year to finish :) great job !
  • @ArtGal Thanks. It may sound quite quick of a time scale but was actually lots of short painting sessions, a lot of it comprising of liquin glazed layers  :)
  • Beautifully work @Si1, and so well done.

  • Just stunning. No other word for it @Si1
    The detail is absolutely incredible. Looks like a beautiful place to fish. Now you have immortalised it. 😊
  • @MichaelD thanks a lot for your kind words, glad you like it :)
    @Hilary thanks so much very kind words, it means a great deal as I am fairly new to the oil painting game. Its a steep learning curve for me as all I have known before are acrylics but oil is soooo much better! You guys on here are very encouraging and I cant wait to paint more :)<3
  • Quite extraordinary 
  • @Kaustav hey there! Thanks Kaustav glad you like it :)
  • You’ve done a fantastic job on this.  Very impressive.  There are only a couple things that stand out.  The white bits in the trees on the left near the bottom of the trees seem out of place.  I would expect open spaces showing the bits of sky more so near the tops of the trees.  The reflection of the trees on the right does not seem to match the round shape of the trees.  You might also take a look at the reflection of trees at the left.  How does the reflection of the end of the tree line, the end near the center of the painting, line up with the end of the tree line?  Your reflection appears to be shifted to the left a bit.
    Im not a landscape painter so take my comments with a grain or more of salt.  In any case this is a remarkable painting and I look forward to seeing your next one. 
  • @GTO Thankyou for the kind words, much appreciated. The holes in the trees to the left may seem a bit odd but that is how they are in the reference photo! They are quite dense foliage trees in the early summer which is when I took the photo but I couldn't tell you the species they are as I have no knowledge in that field whatsoever. It could be the angle the pic was shot at as they are really tall trees so perhaps more gaps are visible from my ground height. Regarding the reflection on the right hand trees I think that what my painting doesn't quite show is that there is a smaller bushy tree in front of a different bigger one or two behind it hence the slightly differing reflection I also missed a little part of the reflection out on the left hand side of those trees. Back to the left hand treeline at the end I think the reflection cuts short because the tree line is tapering away from you in a straight line and the river starts to bend around to the right, I will put the reference pic up fpr you all to see. I was not entirely faithful to the ref though as you can see it was a dull cloudy day in the pic so I made it a more cheerful one! I also added a couple of reed mace stems in the bottom left corner in front of the reed bed. Thanks for your input on this one as there is always room for improvement for us all, that is the thing that drives us all further forwards :) 
  • @Si1 very interesting.  You took a dull  gray day and made it brilliant!  I do like that metallic blue sky you painted in the water.  Your painting is way better than the reference.👏👏👏
  • Simply gorgeous.  So glad you posted this.  I enjoyed getting to see it and look forward to your next one.
  • @oilpainter1950 thanks so much I am really glad you enjoyed it, thankyou :)
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