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Gamblin solvent free gel medium ?

Has anyone on the forum used this, and if so what are your thoughts on it ?

I currently use M. Graham walnut Alkyd medium which I like a lot.

Having read some good reports on the Gamblin i was thinking of trying it out, though its quite pricy.


  • I've used it...i actually prefer the liquid version of this medium.  I just didn't like consistency of the paint when I used the gel one. And it was also a bit harder to evaluate the ratio of medium to paint.
  • Thanks for that @Csontvary, good to know

  • I’ve used it, and the liquid version. And probably every other medium in existence haha. I like it, depends on how you’re painting and how stiff your brushes are etc.

    I’d say it maintains the body of the paint, though it will loosen extremely thick paint somewhat. For that reason it’s perhaps more suitable for slightly stiffer brushes, a hog bristle or a slightly stiffer synthetic such as a rosemary and co ivory. It has a longer open time than something like liquid which will start to tack up in a few hours, it will dry in about 48-72 hours in my experience. Sennelier do a similar product if I remember but I’ve never tried that. It may be more reasonably priced in the us though.

    Since moving to the states it’s strange for me because all the previously expensive US paint and mediums are now more reasonably priced. 
  • Thanks @gar3thjon3s,

    I may give it a try sometime.

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