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Adding gesso layer to a canvas

Any thoughts on this technique to add a gesso layer to a canvas to creat a smoother surface?  Looks interesting.

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  • I once tried to apply gesso with a brush - and it was horrible, I got all kind of ridges and bumps. this one looks good though I'm willing to give it a try,  just need to get the knife. thanks for sharing @GTO :)
  • @ArtGal let me know how it works out for you.  I’m interested in giving it a try myself.
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    I have applied gesso to one canvas board, and several pages (& more to come) of a large sketch book that I do studies in.
    I got that idea from a Cesar Santos vid that someone ( I cant recall who) posted on here. He uses a big kind of flat steel (I think pastry) knife.

    I applied using soft flat wide brush without any problems.

    @GTO I enjoyed seeing the method in this video.

  • Just wanted to let you know that  I've tried it .

     I applied gesso in two layers as shown in the video but to the canvas panel. While I can see there is less tooth after applying, and the surface is certainly smoother,  when I tried to tone afterwards, it's absorbing too much paint . I'm thinkg may i should've sanded in between layers, not sure.

    Thanks again for posting @GTO :)

  • Applying thin layer(s) of acrylic medium afterwards will reduce absorbency
  • @ArtGal. I apply a Holbein oil ground on the gesso.  I thin the oil ground down and add a bit of umber so that it is a middle tone.  That will greatly reduces the paint sinking in.
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