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Cherries in a blue and white bowl.

I did this today just to try to get myself back into painting. I’ve lost my mojo completely , I’m blaming covidgate. and all that goes with it. 
 It’s rough and ready , but I enjoyed being at the easel again. The bowl is very old and it’s hand painted , so not perfect.   
The ellipse is a bit misshapen which suited me ! 
Not trying for realism here , just as well !! 
It’s an excuse to try out the very expensive cad red I bought yesterday. 
Thanks for looking.  😊


  • @Hilary - this is amazing ! the reflections are perfect and I love the background. It has painterly look to it  :)
    the reds look beautiful :)
  • Lovely @Hilary, those cherries look delish

  • Really nice! :) Glad you are painting again. How do you like the Cad Red?
  • You’ve got your mojo back! Great job. That background is really nice. I also bought a pricey paint yesterday (cerulean blue) and got home and promptly muddied it up on a new painting 🙁. 
  • @Hilary excellent! Did you do this in just 1 day? If so thats good going and you certainly haven't lost your touch. I like the darker cherries made my mouth start to water thinking about them! :)
  • Fantastic!!!!!!!!!    I am SO happy to see you painting again Hilary!!!!   I am so happy right now.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Really nice painting!  I completely understand "losing your mojo due to Covidgate" more than you know.  Hope your time painting gave you some escape from all that's going on in the world for a bit.  Looks like you got right back on that bicycle and didn't forget how to ride.  Beautiful colors.  The cherries look scrumptious.
  • So glad you are painting again.  Your painting is lovely.
  • The cherries are rich!  Like the background too.
  • GTO said:
    The cherries are rich!  Like the background too.
    Yes the background really did it for me along with the variations and the shadows on the table

    Great work @Hilary
  • Wow, those cherries look good, @Hilary! The reds are gorgeous. The pattern on the bowl is great, too.
    It's good to see you painting again.  :)
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    Looks great!, I have such a bowl as well but with handpainted sunflowers on it, painted yellow inside the bowl, I love it. I hope it helps you to breakthrough and continue again and again. 😁
  • Thanks SO much for all the very kind and encouraging comments. I honestly didn’t expect them. 
    But the thing is they REALLY help to get me back to painting again , to give me a bit of a nudge. 
    It’s so difficult to get back on the horse when you’ve been off it for months and months. I was beginning to think I never would , but looking at  Julianna’s paintings made me want to try. 
    All that energy emanating from them. 
    Those bright , delicious colours. 

    Ireland is going into full lockdown tomorrow for SIX weeks. Full lockdown. A huge mistake , I think,  but then I’m not the one making the decisions. Sometimes it’s hard to know if the powers that be are looking at the bigger picture. 
    I’m going to go out today and see if I can track down any new canvases. They’ve become very hard to get since March , either due to the huge demand or maybe they aren’t being produced as much any more. 
    One thing I’ve learned is that painting is the best way to totally switch off from all that’s going on at the moment.  I find that concentrating on a book is very difficult , and from what I hear , this is quite a common experience, even for avid readers like me.

    So painting is the way to go. 😊 

    I feel quite proud of my latest work when I look at what Debuffet produced.  😊If you don’t know him , check him out. 
    Thanks again for all the lovely comments, and all the beautiful paintings produced by the lovely people on this forum. 
    It has become a very special community. ❤️

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    Well, said, @Hilary. Painting is like mindfulness/ meditation. One loses one's self. I'm glad you're back at it.

    I know it's a bummer about the COVID restrictions. Victoria, our second most populous state, is just coming out of a near complete lockdown after many weeks. As painful as that was, it lead to the case numbers dropping dramatically from 750 a day to virtually nil with very few left in hospital. The premier of Victoria has copped a lot flack from disgruntled Victorians over the restrictions but if it had not been done we would have had thousands rather than hundreds in hospital with COVID and the health system would have collapsed and people would have just had to die at home without help as is happening in some places.

    Like everyone, I'll be glad when this nightmare is over but until we have a vaccine and effective treatments the restrictions and hygiene measures are all we have to fight the virus with. The only other option is to just let it rip until all who are at risk die and the rest recover and herd immunity develops. But imagine the death toll!.  Are we willing to see 4% of our population die? And the cost of that!  And even for people who recover there can be serious long term after effects. But it's not all doom and gloom. I believe we will have a vaccine early next year. So hang in there. 

    Hope you find some canvases, Hilary.  Painting is a great way for us to get through this. Your cherries are marvelous and it's hard to believe you achieved that so quickly and after so long away from the easel.  :)
  • Thanks Rob. I trailed around the art shops this afternoon but only very odd sizes left. 
    I came home and ordered them online which I should have done in the first place! 🙄
    I also bought some tiny little sable brushes and will spend the next few hours refining and tweaking the 🍒 cherry painting. 
    My first attempt was a pretty rushed affair. 
    Lockdown here we come ! 🤦‍♀️😊

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    I find myself in the habit of "thanking" my art suppliers, and thanking them for their dedication and commitment for their services. They seem to appreciate this a whole lot, especially during this time.

    A complete lock down in my area is strongly suggested and looming here too, during our 2nd wave (15 days into it now).
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    @Forgiveness , there's probably only one thing worse than a lockdown: dying of COVID. Some would argue that the elderly don't have many years left anyway but to me, that just makes those remaining years all the more precious. I was flabbergasted by that guy in the US who said words to the effect that we should just let it rip because there are more important things in life than living. What about the economy?

    Maybe that sums up in just a few words much of what is wrong in the world. That guy was a senator or house member. How could someone like that be elected to such a position? I am thankful we have a state government that put us into hard lockdown for a few weeks which eliminated the virus here  in Tasmania. I was lucky, too, I guess, because I was so busy painting I hardly noticed the lockdown.

    Forgiveness, I like your notion of cultivating gratitude. We have so much to be thankful for, especially those of us in rich countries with quality health systems and who can still get art supplies.  When I squeeze  some ultramarine violet onto my palette tomorrow as I begin the day's painting I am going to thank it for being such a beautiful colour. 
  • edited October 21
    Life is rather short for all of us, and for every life of course, I'm in the process of relearning the preciousness and deepening my understanding more so everyday. I hope it's the same with many more everywhere. "Sense of appreciation" is at stake here. May we all be granted an abundance of peace.
  • Hi @tassieguy and @Forgiveness
    Just reading your conversation above made me think of this quote which I find helps me to get things into perspective when I’m feeling a bit negative about things. 
    I hope it helps other people to feel better.   
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    That's so true, @Hilary. Cultivating gratitude has to be one of the secrets to happiness. 

    A dear friend recently went through a severe bout of clinical depression - she couldn't work and many days couldn't even get out of bed. They tried her on lots of drugs until they finally found one that worked for for her, or at least made her feel a bit better. But she said that it wasn't until she had CBT that she really started to get back to normal and she said that one of the things the psychologist told her to do several times daily was to cultivate gratitude. At the start of her day she had to sit down and say aloud - I am so grateful to have food,  thank you, a roof over my head, thank you,  friends, thank you, etc. She did this several times every day even though, in the beginning, she thought it was silly. But just by saying it aloud it started to change her thought patterns and the fog started to lift for her. She said this helped her more than anything else. The pills got her out of bed but it was this CBT strategy of cultivating gratitude that got her back to work and living a normal life again. And she started to feel more for others less fortunate than herself - those who, unlike her, didn't have food, a home, etc.  After hearing her story I started doing it too.  For some reason, you have to say it aloud. But it works.  :)

    Sorry, Hilary, didn't mean to hijack you discussion which should only be about your wonderful painting. I guess it was the comments about the COVID lockdowns we're going through that sent me off on this tangent.  Cultivating gratitude works for that, too. :)
  • HilaryHilary -
    edited 2:44PM
    Absolutely no need to apologise, Rob. I loved your story about your friend. 
    Anything that helps us through this desperate time is welcome. 
    I’m here  listening to a lady on the radio , who works as a nurse in a home for the elderly. There are 28 residents, 24 of whom have been tested positive for COVID. All but two of the staff are able to keep working !! The rest have tested positive. They asked the government for assistance LAST TUESDAY, but so far none has been provided. These two nurses are taking care of 28 elderly people all by themselves. Many of these patients are unable to get to the bathroom unaided. Some of them require two staff at a time. 
    Now this lady is in tears on the radio pleading for help for the residents in her nursing home who have virtually been abandoned. 
    Can things get worse!  
    We are supposed to be a civilised country but when you hear about people being treated like this , it makes you wonder.  😡😡😡
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    That's very sad, Hilary. We've had similar things happen here. Makes me more determined than ever to die at home. Those nurses are wonderful and highlight the need for governments to spend more on the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed, the homeless ...  If it means the super-rich will have to pay a bit more in tax (which they'll hardly notice)  who cares?  But the very suggestion gets the rabid right screaming,  "SOCIALISM!!!!"  :)
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