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Hi, I have been painting plein air about 95 % of the time this year, I really got into it heavy, love it. But now at 71 yrs old , I'm hating cold temps. Like today where I live 38 deg with a high of 60 deg. I was ready to go out to palint, but frost on the cars, cold air made me wimp out. I'm not into painting late afternoon. What I'm getting at is when do most of you go back to ypur nice warm studio inside to paint. I'm hating the cold. use to love it when young. thank you.


  • Hi, @Hunter1. I totally understand the problem. I love plain air painting but I can't be out in all weathers like when I was young. However, I've found  a work-around that works for me. Instead of trying to complete a whole painting outside I just make quick colour notes in oil on scraps of canvas and take photos. Back in the warmth of the studio I use the photos to help with composition and to remind me of detail and I use my colour notes for, well, colour. My eyes see colour better than a camera and I can reproduce it in paint better than any  printer can in ink.  Doing things this way I can make accurate colour notes in under half an hour and not catch my death out in the weather.  :)
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  • Situation is a little different with. Cold is certainly not funny and neither is the heat. I paint outside in 90-113 degrees Fahrenheit most o the year and then in about 40-45 degrees F as well. 
    If you can get a small 5X7 or 6X8 inch pochade box then you can take note of colors and perspective. Small paintings won't take you long. With the help of a lot of photos taken before making sketches you can make big paintings in the studio. 

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  • I've been getting more into plein air as well, and i agree with @tassieguy about difficulty of completing a full painting outdoors especially for me as I tend to paint layer upon layer.  So, I may start doing smaller sketches as well and focusing solely on ensuring I get the right color notes.  Unless you're an extremely good painter with a lot of experience, I think it's pretty hard to get the composition, drawing, and color right simultaneously in sometimes adverse weather conditions.
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