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A few recent paintings

Hey, just thought I'd post a few paintings I completed over the last few weeks. I've been painting on slick surfaces for so long but one of these was on canvas and I really enjoyed the change. Had to use bristle brushes, but it felt a lot easier to control. Quite unexpected as I have been avoiding painting on the panel because it was canvas!

11x14" oil on panel of a sidestreet in Nashua, NH

16x12" oil on canvas panel of a sign from a closed down restaurant in Hampton, NH.

11x14" A road in East Kingston, NH

11x14" A driveway in Amherst, NH

For some reason I seem to have ended up with an abundance of 11x14" panels. I think I have 7 remaining and I've painted about 6 recently. Thanks for looking!


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    Beautiful as always, @gar3thjon3s. Most folks here prefer smooth surfaces and soft brushes - probably because they suit the consistency of Mark's paint but there's something to be said for the toothiness of canvas and bristle brushes, too. Especially when your using regular (stiffer) paints.  :)
  • Hey thanks @tassieguy. I found it really interesting using the bristle brushes. I’ve always had a few for scrubbing things on or whatever but never really used them for anything other than that. I bought a pack of rosemary seconds recently though (they send you a random assortment) and it had some better quality ones in. Was very nice, I may well experiment more with them in the future. Do you use bristles? 
  • Wow. Those are masterful @gar3thjon3s. Every one of them is great. Were these from photos or plein air? The light and shadow is superb. 
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    Yes, @gar3thjones. Bristle flats and filberts on a fairly course canvas are pretty much all I use. I'm going to try the Rosemary pure hog bristle brushes if they makes them..  :)
  • @gar3thjon3s lovely honest and very homely looking paintings right there. They are very realistic yet still loose all at the same time, I like this style. @tassieguy Rosemary do the hog bristle brushes, I received a free catalogue through the post the other week. The quality I have seen so far is very good  :)
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    Thanks, @Si1. That's good to know. I'll order some online.  Everyone says they are good quality and I had a few of the Ebony series (synthetic) but I wrecked them by washing them in turps.  These days I keep my brushes in oil and never wash them and I'm hoping the Rosemary natural bristle will serve me well.   :)
  • @HondoRW thanks, they’re from reference. I crop and edit the photos a fair bit to try and make them closer to life before using, the camera loses a lot.

    @Si1 thanks, trying to capture New England as I find it :)

    @tassieguy I have a few long bristle flats from rosemary and they seem good to me. Their bristles are actually pretty cheap if I remember. I think most synthetic brushes eventually splay out badly if you wash in spirits. It happened to all my original rosemary ivories annoyingly. I tried the boiling water trick and it definitely helped. To be honest though after watching Pete the street knock out masterpieces with a £2 brush I’m somewhat sceptical about expensive brushes these days haha. I’ve been using the same $6 Michael’s brush set for gouache and casein for over a year and it’s served me well...
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    Yes, I think brushes are like shoes. They all wear out with long, repeated use whether they're a $400 pair in fine Italalian leather or a $40 vinyl pair from Walmart.  :)
  • Thats true @tassieguy, however I find them a little more difficult to paint with

  • @gar3thjon3s
    Here we go again with another fantastic thread! :)
    I am truly in awe of your work, it hits that sweet spot of looseness and expression along with wholesome representation of reality.
    So engaging to look at.
    More please!
  • Another wonderful set @gar3thjon3s. I was trying to pick the one that stands out most for me but I don't think I can. They all offer something a bit different, and all are excellent.

  • Beautiful paintings, love the atmosphere in all.
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