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Check out still life set up? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How does this look for a still life set up?  I will replace the fake fruit with the real thing when I start painting.


  • I like your still life setup with its organic pears and the reflective surfaces of the candlestick and bowl.  I like how the wheat gives it some height.  The drapery is also nice.  Is the candle lit?  If so, may need to use a little less light on the setup so that shows up more.  I like how your setup makes my eye travel through the picture.
  • IMHO

    The position of the light is creating some glare/overblown specular highlighting and also causes some flattening of the subject. Raising the light and rotating it around the subject more to the left would bring more depth and lessen the glare.

    A complementary color or even just using green pears might make the work less of a single color note .. but that is just personal taste.

    I love the rhythm of line and form in the composition.

    Good luck!

  • i really love the objects and their colors in this painting, and the setup a lot too.... I dont know whether what i suggest would make it look better or the opposite but may be you can also sample these two changes to see:
    1. take out one pear from the basket which is at the extreme right . (not the one sitting on the table). It will show off more of the nice rich brown vase and also a nice tapering off rhythm in the pears (when seen collectively)
    2. Can you also try moving the light source more to the left so that the pears have a nice rich shadow  and also get a more prominent reflection of the tablecloth within the shadow which will look gorgeous. It will also be easier to make the pears look 3D
  • also since all the pears in the basket have their stems facing the top, may be you could atleast one of them showing off the opposite end (where the pear flower used to be). It would be an interesting mix up, or may be not
  • It's a nice setup, @A_Time_To_Paint. I like the overall colour scheme and the wheat heads are a great touch. You could play around with the pears as per @anwesha's suggestion, and maybe the colour as mentioned by @CBG but, to me, the most important thing to fix would be the lean to the right of the candle  Cezanne wouldn't mind it, though. And maybe it's just lens distortion.  :)
  • @A_Time_To_Paint thank you for your comments.  The lighting needs to be addressed for sure.  
  • @CBG. Thank you for the pointers.  I know the lighting is too strong.  I used fake pears and will substitute real ones when I actually start painting.  Plan on painting this from life and doing some watercolor studies before actually committing to the painting.  I have to jealously guard fruit or my husband will ear it.
  • @anwesha thank so much for the pointers.  Little things can make a big difference.
  • @tassieguy I will definitely straighten the candle.  Now that I know that it is crooked, it's like a sticker in my toe. Thank you.
  • @oilpainter1950 I'm really excited to see the painting.. I think it will be very beautiful.. it is a very good set up... I hope you'll do an in progress thread once you start?   :)
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