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Curious Intro

Hello everyone,
I am currently going to school to get my BFA in Art Education. Can anyone give me some helpful advice for this long journey ahead of me.? 
Consider this,
I've been out of school for about 9 years, not a lick of knowledge of how college works. 
It's been a very long time since I painted on a canvas, which is ironic since I am getting a degree in something I have not done in years. But I know it is a passion of mine I've always enjoyed. 

Anything positive or even tough to bare is at least feedback. 
Thank you! 
- Ren


  • Hi, @rendawn101. Welcome to the forum. :)

    I'm not sure what they teach these days at art school but if you want to learn to paint realism have a look at all Mark's free videos. There is a wealth of knowledge there.
  • Hey there!
    As of right now I am starting out in Art Appreciation, where we learn the foundations of Art and the elements. For example, my homework was Contrast, I drew three objects like a sphere, cylinder and cube. The goal was to use shading, light and the darkness when drawing these objects. Like I said, I am just starting out here. 
    I am so excited to use all of these useful resources here on this forum. I started some videos by Mark and I am very intrigue on how he develops his art and motivation. 
  • Hi and welcome.
    If you are starting out with drawing I'd suggest looking at youtube channels like Proko, Cesar Santos or 
    Stephen Bauman (not to be confused with Stefan Bauman though he is a good art source too).
    Enjoy your journey!
  • Hello and welcome.  You have certainly come to the right place.  Mark's free lessons give you drawing instruction using a proportional divider.  His method followed from start to finish will no doubt get you well on your way to painting.  
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