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Small portrait

edited October 11 in Post Your Paintings
This portrait was painted on a 11" x 14" canvas sheet. I tried not to overwork the details so it might look somewhat vague in the eyes of those who like hard realism. I might have mentioned before that I try to stick to a somewhat impressionistic style of painting. I just find it more relaxing to paint this way I suppose. Is there any favorite styles of painting you like to work in? 


  • I like your board brush, impressionistic approach, @Leo2015. It's very painterly.  The overall soft colour is very pleasing and I like the texture. It's a beautiful composition.  :)
  • I like it. I wish I could paint like this. Keep going Leo!
  • Great portrait. I think how you have done the eyes goes well with the rest of the piece.

    I tend to be quite detailed, though I don't know if this is my favourite style to work in because I have yet to give working lose a proper go.

  • I love the softness of this. 
    Let’s leave hard realism to the camera.  
    A beautiful portrait @Leo2015
  • @Leo2015 well done.  I like the shapes you used in the background.
    As just a matter of style Modigliani painted in a similar style.  Things to consider if you are interested in modifying your style might be... how much dimension do you want to give the fabric?  There is some dimension with the shadows against the neck but the edges of the fabric are flat.  Another question to consider is how much of a dark line do you want to use around the edges of the figure?  A dark line gives the painting more of a drawing quality versus painting in masses of shapes.  That attribute along with treating all the edges the same flattens the dimension.  One more thing to consider is the overall tone being very close versus having a wider range of tone and more contrast.
    All if those elements contribute to your style.  
    Your style is most likely showing your personality.  It’s very comfortable, casual and friendly.  
    Everyone’s style is going to be different, not “wrong” or “right”.
  • I love looser approach to painting. Your control of values and color temperature is top-notch.
  • Thank you tassieguy, Richard, Michael, Hilary, GTO, and Datura for all the positive feedback. 

    Hilary, yea I think we're in the same camp lol! 

    GTO, I tend to like some line showing in my paintings, I feel it gives the work a kind of decorative look. I highly admire how Sargent could paint some areas very loosely while keeping other parts, usually the flesh parts, a bit smoother. You could sometimes sense the outline in a lot of his work. I certainly don't want parts looking flat, but sometimes it's hard to avoid it when you're working from photos. Or at least it is for me. 
  • @Leo2015 The portrait has a real nice feel to the brushwork.  I brought those things up only for ideas to explore if you were thinking of changing style.  I look forward to seeing your next painting.
  • Nice!  I admire your loose brushstrokes and can only hope to achieve that some day.  I also have not given it the proper go and this is quite inspiring.  
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