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Brush carrier for brush dip

I do a lot of painting away from my main studio.  Not necessarily en plein air, but including covering the galleries at the different art groups I am in.

What I do in these situations is to clean my brushes and store them in plastic bags.  I'd like to just use some brush dip and go!  

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to carry brushes with brush dip on them?  Will ordinary plastic bags from the grocery store work OK?  Is there any sort of plastic case that will work?

How should I handle my brushes with brush dip when I am doing remote painting?  Right now I'm cleaning them at the end of each session.


  • mstrick96

    Ziplok bags are the go for oily or pigmented brushes. Dip brushes in walnut and clove or similar.
    ‘Transport in PVC tubes with caps. One tube for clean brushes and say two for used brushes.
    Zip Tie tubes in upright position to easel.


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