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Plein Air acrylic painting in cold weather?

Hello, everyone. I mostly paint indoor still lifes, but I had to do a painting outside recently so I was wondering about how warm it has to be outside in order for acrylic paint to be usable & unharmed by the temperature.

I've read that acrylic paint generally needs to be kept to at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so this makes me wonder, does that mean it's impossible to do plein air paintings in typical winter time temperatures (E.G. 30-45 F) with Acrylic Paint?

Additionally, if you've ever done plein air paintings with acrylics, what is the coldest temperature you would use your acrylics outside in? Have your paints ever been damaged by cold temperatures?

Thank you.



  • edited October 2020
    Rather than using water, I would use vodka, for watercolor en plein air in wintertime, very funny of course and it works real well. But I don't know if this would interfer the acrylic paint, you may want to test a little before full use.
     It's good on the days where the temperature is above the freezing mark, 0-07 Celcius, you may need hand warmers, wear more clothing than you need. Wear sunscreen.
     Once, accidently, I underestimated the cold outside on this one day and my newly purchased container of gesso froze in my coat pocket while walking my way home a short distance away. The ice damaged the composite of the acrylic primer, breaking down the binding and adhesive qualities to no longer usable. I thought I was safe, but not that time, and never again. 😁
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