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Three new studies

edited October 2020 in Drawing
I put down the brushes for a while to take time to work on my drawing again. I'm trying to get used to working in a larger size. These drawings were all rendered on 18" x 24" sheets of paper. Medium: Red chalk, black and white chalk. 
hiragaruben[Deleted User]


  • I love these drawings.  Can I choose all three as my favorite? 😀  Thanks for posting them.
  • These are really good, @Leo2015. Will you make oil portraits of any of them? I think the man in the turban could make a great painting.   :)
  • I just love these as well, especially the 2nd one. There is so much character and life in that one.
  • Great drawings! My favorites are the first and third specially. Third would be a great painting.
    the first has drama in the values:) I like it very much.
  • Your drawings are always great! I agree with @hiragaruben, I like the third especially :)
  • I like all of these. Particularly the last one.  She has such a pensive look on her face. Very nice.
  • Thank you GTO, tassieguy, Forgiveness, hiragaruben, Atimetopaint,Richard, and oilpainter for for taking time to share your thoughts on these drawings.

    tassie: Not sure yet. Yea, the guy in the Turban is definitely painting material. 

    hiragaruben: Both the top and bottom drawings were done from scenes of two different movies. Not sure what movies they are, but I find a lot of the period films made these days have plenty of good material for artists to paint from. The costumes they come up with are gorgeous. 

    A_time_to_paint: There are certain challenges when drawing on large sheets of paper, especially when you're used to always working in a smaller format. For one, you have to keep standing back to make sure the proportions are correct. I like standing when I draw on bigger sheets of paper and you are right when you say you get a better feel of what it might look as a completed painting. If you're not used to drawing large I recommend you try it. 

    oilpainter: Yes, I think the last one could also make a nice painting if handled properly. It's not always easy to make a good painting from one single photo. If I were working from my own models I would take many more photos (close ups of the head, hands, costume detail, etc), so I would have much more pictures to refer to, assuming I was working directly from photos and not the live model. 

    [Deleted User]hiragaruben
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