Photographs to Paint From

I think I recall from Mark's videos that enlarged photos should be printed in glossy. But I called Office Depot and they told me that when laminated, glossy prints oftentimes ripple. Could I work from a photo in matte finish just as well? I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.


  • deacon2002

    I frequently get OfficeWorks (Australia) to laminate my A2 pastel figure drawings on newsprint.
    On each occasion I am warned about the risk of wrinkles in the laminate. None, so far, show any wrinkling.

  • Just received a laminated glossy print (12x16) which I ordered via internet (my There is no wrinkling on the lamination. Regards Oliver
  • If I remember from the one time I’ve gotten something “laminated” before, the technician told me to go for encapsulation instead as it was more suitable. It’s a thicker plastic layer and is fully waterproof as it is sealed. It worked very well... try and talk to a decent small copy shop as they generally know what they’re doing rather than large generic office supply stores. 
  • The main reason why glossy paper is better than matte is because the glossy surface can provide darker blacks since less light is scattered from the surface of the paper.  I would assume (but this might be wrong) that a subsequent lamination, since it renders a new surface, with a new plastic to air interface, causes the initial matte or glossy paper surface to have much less of an effect if any. 

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