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Charcoal Drawings Monthly Compilation (September 2020)

edited September 2020 in Drawing
Hi guys! Here are some of the drawings I did this month...
Experimenting with different processes, paper, way of thinking...



  • I like especially that you strove to be unique.  :)
  • @Summer Thank you! I am just figuring out things... still is hard on me. As I just started drawing with charcoal last year. Getting used to the tool, and improving my fundamentals has been mostly my priority. 
  • @hiragaruben. I would not say you are drawing with charcoal.  I would say rather that you are painting with charcoal.  You are defining mass as you paint vs defining line.  You also seem to be experimenting with breaking apart the edges vs refining the form.  
    For me the portrait from the back of the head and the figure wearing the face mask are the most refined.  The girl with the glasses and bare shoulder is quite nice too.
    It will be interesting to see where you go with this.
  • Hi @GTO !! 
    Indeed I could agree with painting with charcoal haha. I don't really know the correct term, I'm just going by assuming charcoal means a drawing media. For some of these, I actually did use the dry brush technique.

    I am trying to get used to the many ways of coming up with an image, sometimes ruining or not caring about the final result because every learning experience is welcome. 

    I am pushing myself... and I don't really know if It is to a cliff, or propelling forward to fly.
    But I am happy to be gathering Ideas and what not. I want to know at first what I am not fond of in other to find that little thing that drives me to create art that will be meaningful to me.

    It always makes my heart really warm to have very talented people like you and many others even interested in what I am creating. So thank you! :)
  • @hiragaruben what you describe regarding your approach and feelings is exactly what Harold Speed says in his book on Oil painting techniques and materials that I happen to be reading currently.  Right on!
  • Oh!! nice! I didn't know of that Artist/Book. I am not a super reader. Although I have read Richard Schmid's Alla Prima II and I love it. This book you are talking about seems to be a bit similar I think. Maybe a bit more technical than Schmid's, but It looks like he gives a bit of a romantic side of art as well, I might give it a go. 

    Even the book is Oil painting techniques, looks like it's packed with lifetime knowledge that can be be used to any other media.
    Thank you for mentioning it @GTO
  • Your drawings are wonderful, @hiragaruben. You leave some work for the viewer which makes the work very engaging.  :)
  • Thank you @tassieguy
    It means a lot coming from you. I love how your work capture realism so beautifully, your colors are so on point! 
  • Are you painting yet? I get the impression you are by the way you are massing in the big shapes. Good stuff!
  • edited October 2020
    @Leo2015 besides this 30min sketch below, I haven't really done anything with oils in months.
    I've got really into charcoals, and love that I don't need to wait for it to dry after it's finished, there are no brushes or palette to clean and no pre-preparation to do before starting.
    I might stick with it for a while...

  • edited October 2020
    That is very beautiful, @hiragaruben. I love the light. The way you approach charcole drawings is very painterly and that is evident in this oil sketch, too. I love your charcole drawings. You have a rare talent for giving the viewer only what is necessary. It leaves some work for the viewer and this makes your work very engaging.  In the drawings you are perfecting your painting skills and I'm really looking forward to seeing some more of your paintings.  :)
  • Thank you @tassieguy you are always too kind! I will make sure to post any paintings I do in the future. 
  • hiragaruben

    This style is variously referred to as flow drawing, mass drawing or tonal drawing. Whatever, something good, spontaneous and creative is going on here.

    Bill Buchman does some good work using mass and complementary line drawing.

  • edited October 2020
    I like to think I’m inspired by many old masters and contemporary painters... although I don’t know if I have a style... or even if I want one.

    When you look at Picasso, Gustav Klimt and many others... I love how their paintings kept evolving. 
  • hiragaruben

    Style is a technique or characteristic look that a painter adopts/cultivates/prefers to assist with recognition and pricing. I think the best artists are those who can paint in any style as suits the subject or artistic voice. Style in this sense then is something that you can put on like a jacket.

  • edited October 2020
    Whatever anyone wants to call it, keep doing what you are doing, @hiragaruben. It's wonderful.  :)

    @dencal, how does "pricing" come into the equation? 
  • Rob

    Could you price your abstract style gum trees the same as your realist style gum trees?
    Would a smooth and blended VVG portrait sell as well as his impasto bold brush style?

  • edited October 2020
    I'm not sure, @dencal. But I do know that my gallery director prices pictures with reference to what she thinks they'll sell for rather than to style. Abstract, semi-abstract and realist all seems to fetch a wide variety of prices. 
  • I have seen a variety of range in prices for all sorts of art. While I would appreciate continuous price increase, I don’t think I would personally subject myself to do my art in some way just because of the price. 

    There are better and faster ways of becoming rich than doing Art, if it is what one pursues.

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