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Statue - Lion with Shield by the Doorway. oil 12"x 16" - I Just Need To Say...

 Charcoal drawing on old newsprint to begin, and I used white gouache for the brightest highlights. This was for my values and balance in details. My next step is to draw it on canvas with oil paint directly and proceed from there.

This image really speaks to me. 

 (I exchanged the photo for this new one, Mon. Sept. 28)
ArtGalMichaelDanwesha[Deleted User]Leo2015Bucky


  • I love this, @Forgiveness, I often look at architectural details like this and wonder whether they could make a good painting, I think this subject would suit your style beautifully.  :)
  • @Forgiveness this does fit in with your other work.  I do like older style architectural features like this.  I look forward to seeing your progress on this.
  • Your drawing looks great, looking forward to see the painting, good luck :)
  • Thank you both so much. There were 4 of these sculpted lions with shields each with their unique insigna and similar lighting around the entrances of this building, this one spoke to me the most. The features, including the details show up best in this view. Coincidently, the shield on this one has my initials to my name on it, just my own little twist. 
    I like the play of light and shadow, and shift in values in this, it sings, if you know what I mean.

    Btw, I got this new phone with new camera, but can't download to my computer for editing. I'm stuck with it for 2 years "as is" for now. Lol!
  • Looking great @Forgiveness, looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

  • wow! that's a brilliant piece already! so perfect definition in the light and shadows!
  • edited September 2020
    12"X 16" canvas board w&n.

    This is the drawing in oil on stained canvas using a No.5 filbert and part using proportional divider but mostly by eye as I make the difference between the sketch and the photo. This is the better drawing, now I will begin to introduce the darker shadows as shapes and block in color washes as shapes as well.
  • edited September 2020

    I simply filled in the drawing a little more and getting much more familiar with brush work here, very important. Now I will mix proper colors for all the shadows and paint more using much larger brushes, #9-10 filberts and #8 flat. I feel clear enough to say this piece suits me well to paint at this time, I feel comfortable with this size canvas, large brushes and a variety of spatulas.

    Take very good care, stay safe, and peace.
  • It’s already looking three dimensional. 
  • Thanks @GTO. It helped while I was in the initial charcoal drawing I constructed each of the 3 planes in view within 3d cubes that I drew as my map. I hope to bring much more of this into the oil painting as I progress. I am a sculptor as well, for many years, this helped me to develop a 3d view in my mind and a feeling for it.

     An interesting element I experience at work here in this sculpted statue is, in real life this is made larger than life size. But as it looks best from a few steps away and it appears life size, perfect!
  • This is very ‘you’ @Forgiveness
    I think it’ll be great when finished. 
    I share your fascination with ancient stone.  
  • edited October 2020
    I keep revisiting this post because I want to see what you do with this, @Forgeveness. It's looking good already. As @Hilary said, I think this subject is perfect for you.  :)
  • Thank you @Hilary , @tassieguy I absolutely love this piece and was too busy today, and now ready to come back to it again.
    I've decided to not render the details of the inscriptions (letter forms) on the shield except for the crown image in it near the top of the shield, the letters will be an abstract image similar to what is in the charcoal drawing. I believe that the details in the lettering will diminish, take away some power in the deeper message being conveyed in the bigger picture. 

    We just entered 2nd phase of the pandemic, now 4-5 times more challenging and a very harsh cold winter season is coming upon us here. I'm in a leadership role which takes a lot of courage and strength that many don't recognize. I am alone, but I also have strong support behind me that I consult with daily to keep very strong and healthy, and help save others around me.

    This painting that I am working on reminds me very much of this ....                                                                                              

  • edited October 2020

     Painting in the lion with the shield and the stand it sits on, to be painted next. I may have to readjust values in certain areas of this background, later. I don't know for certain if this was intended or just me but, it's a white lion, so a different color of stone is needed for this part. This is just the 1st layer of paint and it is flat in color, more to come to make it a little more interesting or exciting. I never used cadmium red in oil painting before, it seems to be working quite well here.

    I've heard this statement shared a lot just recently, "shield yourself".
  • Looking really good @Forgiveness
    We don’t talk about ‘shielding’ here. We call it ‘cocooning ‘. 
    Either way , it’s a depressing concept because it conjures up Images of loneliness and isolation for so many elderly people. 
    The saddest part of this whole horrible scenario.  
  • Thank you @Hilary I like 'cocooning', it suggests a sense of comfort and protection even in the sadness of it all. Certainly we need to be very strong. My mom is very alone recently, this is a challenge indeed.
  • What an interestind subject to paint. I like the contrast in this one.
  • Thank you, glad you like it! @Datura.
     I chose this image from many photos that I took, it seemed to be better suited for oil painting for many reasons. With such contrasts, few values, and decent composition this will turn out to be effective. The lion and shield should really "pop" in 3d (similar to relief painting on board) on the canvas in the end.
    I just love this piece and my vision for it!
  • Looking forward to watching your process through this one. I know the result will be a beauty. 
  • Thank you @HondoRW glad you like it so far. 
     Because my paint is a thick texture, I have to pay close attention to brush strokes for greater effect in the end. The paint strokes should reflect the realism in the sculpture as in real life.
     This piece is helping me to relax so very deeply, looking forward.
  • Nothing as satisfying as painting ancient stone. My favourite thing to paint. 
    Looking forward to seeing the finished work.  
    Your subjects always inspire me @Forgiveness

  • These are the very darkest areas, this will be cut back as paint in more values. I like how strong it is already, and I corrected the position of the head. The inscription in the shield I will leave obscure, but make it into a fitting abstract for the painting. I will be painting in the shield next, as this is darker than the lion.
  • Looking good already, @Forgevess. Great subject for your style.

    I do the same as you and get the darks in first then get progressively lighter. The stonework around the lion is starting to look really 3D -  the way you've painted the light down the edges reads really well. I'm enjoying watching this develop.  :)  
  • Thank you @tassieguy, glad you're enjoying it. I just love this piece, it's me.
  • edited January 13
    I'm working on this one right now as though an emergency, nothing else! This is so needed right now!
     I just needed to say it, thanks.
     I am enjoying it a lot and I will post my progress soon.
  • Great @Forgiveness, looking forward to see the finished painting :)
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