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Still Life of Two Pears

I haven't painted since college (2009). Here is one of my paintings from way back then. I'm new to the group and I'm looking forward to getting back into painting after the first of the year (Jan 2021). It's about time!!!



  • I forgot, feel free to critique away! It was already critiqued once by my painting teacher in front of the entire class, so any input on how to make it better would be welcome! I really only remember one thing he said in that critique, let's see if anyone else catches it. And there's one major thing that bugs me about this painting every time I look at it.
  • clock_man

    ‘Looks good to me. Composition, depth, textures, edges, colour balance is all there. Frame competes for attention.

  • edited September 17
    I really like this. The colours/values read true, the composition is good and the texture is marvelous. For me, the one thing that could be improved is the step up between the upper and lower levels in the foreground. It is not clear what it is that the vase and right hand pear are sitting on. Is it a book with some fabric over it perhaps? I'd like to see that step up beneath the vase and the left hand pear more clearly defined. Apart from that it is an accomplished and very pleasing still life.  :)

    PS - I agree with @dencal re the frame. I like it except for those ornaments at the corners. My eye goes straight to them and they keep callng me back when what I want to focus on is the beautiful painting.  :)
  • I like this very much.  Very pretty painting.
  • the book is not sitting on the table.  Is that the critique you were wondering about?
    After you do your first twenty DMP paintings come back to this painting.  You will be surprised at your progress.  I know that I was when I looked back at my earlier work.  
    There is some promise in this painting, do keep on painting.
  • wow, its super beautiful.It has a really warming glow about it. I also like the colours in the background, toned down and subtle. I also like the reflection on the vase which has the pear tones in it. Bravo.
  • Thanks to all who have given input about what parts could be better! It's so interesting how you all view it. The "step up" is just a board. I used one long board and stacked a second board on top. Using an old book would have been a better idea and would have added a another element of interest. The opinions on the frame are interesting too. I have it at the top of the stairs...I look at it every day, but don't really "see" it any more. So, my teacher thought the vase could have been rounder...he felt it was still a little on the "flat" side. That's the only thing about his critique that really stuck in my mind after all these years. I really enjoyed painting this one, but I have always hated the flowers. I was at the mercy of the prop closet in the college painting studio. The pears were real...I got them from the store, but everything else came from the prop closet...I didn't have much to choose from. Those were the worst artificial flowers! I'm a gardener and I still don't know what kind of flowers they were supposed to be. I painted theirs colors accurately. I just thought they were ugly!!! Every once in a while I get the urge to take it and paint over the flowers with something else, but I think I'll just leave it alone and paint something I like better.
  • I also never signed it...I should probably do that. And I need to varnish it. It will be interesting to see what it looks like varnished.
  • You know how to paint very well and that's a good thing for you. it'll be easier for you to understand the deeper things.
    I see that your 'problem zones' are only in the value section [degree of darkness and lightness]. After you follow Mark's initial videos gradually you'll understand about transitions and subtle changes in value. E.g. in this painting which looks good but the shadow is like very dark and highlights are also extreme. This impacts the form of the object. I hope you'll understand more of this by doing the training.
  • @kaustavM I'm sure I will. Although I set up the still life myself, I was unable to paint it from life do to college space limitations at the time. I painted it only from a photo I took of my set up. I'll be setting up a shadow box in January. I've really been wanting to get back into painting. I'm looking forward to painting from life and painting solvent free as much as I can.
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