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Help with perspective

I am doing a painting of an old family home. The client gave me photos that show pieces of the house. I can't figure out how to get the porch angles right. They seem off. Can you offer help?


  • Aloha - your lines of perspective need to follow the main axis lines you have for the drawing on the house  - if you see where the two purple lines cross, just follow that angle for the windows and porch and it should just fall in place, your almost there,.. hope this helps

  • @mlakestudio  This is oriented in a typical two point perspective.  You should draw a horizontal line at eye level.  Then place two vanishing points on that line; one right and one left.  Those points will be a fair distance off your canvas.  All lines pointing right will converge to that vanishing point and all lines pointing left will converge to the left vanishing point.  (For lines that are parallel to the ground)
  • Rich_ARich_A -
    edited September 2020
    Your horizon line is too low and your vanishing points are too far away. That's why your porch angle looks off. I would move your horizon line higher and your vanishing points closer. 

  • Perfect and far bettered explained by @GTO & @Rich_A - I presumed you would be aware of vanishing points, and I missed that valuable insight - thanks guys, and @mlakestudio - Forgive me I can do a lot better and rushed a far to quick & poor guidance.

  • First step in perspective is realizing that the horizon is always your eye-height and the vanishing points are always on that horizon.
  • Thank you @alsart2 @GTO and @Rich_A. All very helpful with your guidance. I did use vanishing lines just got stuck. I purposely lowered my horizon line because I thought it would be more interesting. Maybe not the smartest move. The house is the focal point and will have landscaping around it. I did this angle so I can also incorporate a small part of a picket fence in front of the house once I do the larger composition. Thanks again!
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