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Some Strada Challenge Paintings So Far and playing catch up

Hello Everyone!

I hope y'all are well.  It is so nice to come back here and see so many familiar faces and some wonderful new ones as well.  I have been very busy and am continually working on my craft.  I "paint to learn" and am learning a lot.  

I don't know if y'all are interested, but i thought I'd share some of my Strada Challenge paintings so far this month. For those of you unfamiliar, Strada Easel hosts a worldwide challenge every September and January where artists around the world paint from life every day that month and we have to post and hashtag a certain way every day.  It's very difficult.  No photographs or imagination, it has to be a painting from life.  I'm almost halfway there (tomorrow is the 15th and I'm SO glad there are only 30 days in September)  :-)  

Here are some of my paintings thus far, some are small 5x7 and others are as large as 16x12
A little 5x7 of some dead flowers in a vase:

They have themes for some ideas so on day 2, the theme was "light" so I painted the above little light bulb 5x7  hahahaha   
then there was a "transparent" so I did a vase on 16x12 
An idea of my setup and hot mess of a studio:

I ended up taking the dead flower arrangement larger one day and then I set up a still life ,

I move my shelving up and down - I wrote a blog for Oil Painters Of America about my studio if you're interested: :

I don't have proper photographs yet, you get the gist.  The above is a 12x12

the above is a 9x12 - I have more but won't bore y'all with everything.  It's a busy month!

I hope y'all are well and painting. It's late afternoon here and i need to get in my studio and get my painting done for today.  It's nice to see so many people are still here and posting! 

Good to see you all!!!


  • edited September 15
    I love these, @Julianna. Your colours are always gorgeous but I love the way you apply paint. It gives your paintings a very pleasing tactile quality.  You've developed a delightful and very recognizable style.

    Good to have you back with us.  :)
  • I love your paintings and all the red color.
  • thank you @tassieguy and @oilpainter1950  It's great to see y'all are still here and active!  
  • Love your work, @Juliana !  Would love to see the whole 30-day collection when you’re finished. Will you be posting them somewhere?!  😁
  • Thank you so much @manitou  I remember your beautiful painting from Mark's class!  I hope you are well.

    I have to post every day and hashtag a certain way (#stradaeasel) - I use my little known art Facebook page to post my daily work.  Sometimes, I am working stuff out and other times I am finishing.  Last night I was in my studio for over eight hours painting a little 5x7 and it was 11:50 pm so I had to just snap photos and post or i'd be disqualified so it can be rather humbling to post work every day and some of it is not up to par with my standards.

    Today is the 15th so I'm over the hump.  I always learn an enormous amount and most of which is to always be diligent, to concentrate, to be mindful.  Willy nilly paint strokes are the death of any painting.  I am exhausted but enthusiastic at the same time.  My little known art facebook page is:    Today, I spent several hours trying to re-work a composition that has potential.  Tomorrow, I will paint it more to a finish.  So, just be aware that some days are raw.  

    thank you again for your kind words.  I'm tired, it is day 15 so i'm halfway there!!!

  • It's great that you're able to do it everyday! Keep it up and don't stop. There's value in doing it everyday. Love you're paintings. 

    I want to start next year with paintings no bigger than 5X7 or 6X6. I've been following Brian Mark Taylor since 2014 and aware of Strada challenge. One of my friends Pritesh Rangole (knows Brian personally too) owns a Strada easel and has taken up the challenge. 
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