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Something Different FINISHED

Hi! It's been quite a while since I've posted any paintings. That's because I haven't been painting. The sheltering due to COVID-19 got to me and I just couldn't get myself into the studio. Finally, I forced myself and decided that I should try something different.

As many of you know, for about three years now I've been studying with Cindy Procious and have been painting in layers rather than wet-in-wet and in her style rather than Mark's. So I decided that I'd go back and try Mark's method again (though I never abandoned his mixing in groups and steps). I ordered a set of Geneva paints, too.

I then did a simple setup for a small 5x5 painting that is almost finished now. Just a few more little things to adjust and change. I did no blending at all and left the brushstrokes visible (other than the black background and parts of the surface. Here's what I've come up with so far. It's called Honey Crisp and is on Ampersand GessoBord.

And, some additional news: I decided to enroll in one of Mark's still life online, one-on-one painting courses. I've done the setup and he approved it. It'll be the biggest painting I've done, 16x20. I'll start drawing tomorrow and the lessons begin on Sept. 20th and go for 20 sessions, ending on October 2nd. It'll be quite a change (and challenge).


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