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I want to improve the drawing in my paintings so i thought I d practice with charcoal but the problem is Ive never done a charcoal drawing so I'm starting from scratch. What would you recommend I buy?


  • I really enjoy doing graphite and charcoal drawings.  I learned quite a lot from Kirsty Partridge on YouTube .  I simply  have a set of two sticks of charcoal, one hard and one soft, and three charcoal pencils of hard, medium, and soft by Daler Rowney.  I use a kneaded eraser and a Tombow Mono Zero eraser.  There are probably others here on the forum that could recommend other brands, but I find these work just fine for me to practice drawing with.  Here is one I did with graphite and charcoal and am pretty happy with the results.  I believe drawings have really helped with my paitings by paying more attention to values.

  • Awesome i love it.  Looking forward to drawing my cat if i can get her to sit still

  • I recommend you Winsor & newton charcoal. I'd say these are a strong addition to anyone's artistic armory. They don't crumble like other sticks, the varied widths allow for finer or broader detailing and the packaging is sturdy enough to last the life of the product.
  • Veronique
    If you intend to get serious about charcoal, check these products.

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