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glass vase "recent Corona painting"


  • To be absolutely honest @shahin , I’m lost for words. No matter what you paint it’s bloody perfect. 😊
    This latest painting is just amazing. 
    I haven’t a clue how you can paint like this. It looks like you just threw all the paints in the air and they all landed in exactly the right spot !! 
    Effortlessly. . 

  • @Hilary.... truly this good feeling you give me is something I cherish. thank you. if you were near me I would have shared the little I know with you and I'm certain I would put you in that very same place if not further better than where I am. 
  • Your inherent eye , or feel for color, is just phenomenal.  From what you have written in other posts, you apparently have not had any formal training in regard to color theory.  I am quite at a loss for words to express to you how extraordinary I find the vibrancy of your paintings.  Enjoy looking at each of them.
  • Wonderful colour and brushwork. 
  • @oilpainter1950.... thank you. you give me more credit than I deserve. remember, not all my pieces are even worthy of posting. I have no such control over all my pieces. I did have a sort of training but that in itself is a crazy long ass story. enough to say that in that training, there was never such talks as warm or cool colors of complimentary this versus not so complimentary that or Zorn palette versus Zoloft palette or whatever else sort of such words. think of it like those old cheap kung fu movies where the old man with the long white hair and even longer eyebrows is an asshole who gives you a cup and asks you to go to that one lake and empty it only to go back to refill it!  he was also very stingy in his teachings as he didn't think anyone was worthy of learning his ways! Iranian Jewish communist guy with his own crazy crazy crazy story which you would never believe even if I told it. so, really my biggest teacher has always been what appeals to me of others and also practicing on my student's canvases rather than on my own! frankly, at the end of the day, i am truly behind in this entire endeavor of seeking art at this age of almost 53. your compliments however feed me that energy that keeps me going. thank you as always
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