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First oil painting - Two pears after Mark Carder

This is my first oil on canvas painting, so please don’t judge too strictly :) Many thanks to Mark Carder’s video tutorials for the immensely useful advice. I followed the Carder method’s principles, although with some modifications. E.g. I used grey gesso to stain the canvas (W&N linen); the paints are Cobra water miscible oils (limited palette) diluted down with Cobra medium to approximate the creamy consistence of Geneva paint. To aid the ambition of developing good brush habits, my black- and white-specialized brushes are now labeled with some electric tape of the corresponding color :) I resisted the compulsion to blend and now learned to appreciate the loose brushwork 😊 It will take a lot of practice to get to the skill level I want to be at, I guess the subtlety comes last... Please help me improve - any constructive criticism and tips are welcome!


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