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Studio Finish Line In Sight !

Hello everyone, This is Andrew Tynes (AKA) Bubba T.,I’m finally here again . I wanted to wait until my art studio was up and running, but I could not contain myself. I’m so excited that I don’t know where to start . Everything is just about in place to start to start painting. I’m just in the process of finishing building a reflector for my diy studio light . Following Mark’s videos I have built an easel , palette table , brush holder , colour checker , photo board , proportional divider , and two glass palettes . I just got a smoking deal on 74 stretcher bars from 30 to 60 inches long for $2.00 each . Also got a roll of Cleecinens #13 oil primed , 82 inches by 6 yards long for $540.00 USD . Great price . I also just received a bundle of GANEVA PAINT and Brush Dip . Sorry if it seems as if I’m going on and on about my studio, but I’m just so pumped up with this studio of mine . It has been a long time in the making . Hopefully I will be posting photos of my builds and the final setup , and photos of my paintings . Looking forward to making some lifelong like minded artist friends . Thank you for your time . 


  • @2tenor_horns I feel your excitement my friend.  It took me an entire month of evenings and weekends to build all the equipment as well.  My wife wondered what it was all about.  And then she put up with all my time spent in front of the easel.  I didn’t totally ignore her.  I’ve been married too long to be making that mistake.  But with some recent successes with shows and sales she is a lot more forgiving. 😀. I look forward to seeing you work. 
  • Aloha - I have been setting my studio up for 30 years,my never ends,...good luck with your set up,... plenty of good advice on here
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