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bottle painting reminiscent of Mark's demo vid and Slow Dry Medium??? Help again!

Hi Gang,
I have jut finished this little painting study of a bottle. It was inspired by Mark's tutorial vid of his jar. I am trying to paint alla prima and resist the smoothing and blending. I have done better this time but now I have to finish the portrait of the lady i showed you before. I have been procrastinating because it's a portrait i have to give to her. I want her to like it but it is possible that she won't because there is a psychological aspect to portraits. It seems that the painting being liked by the sitter or client is really indicative of how they see themselves. Their self concept. I have a very vain aunty and she is never happy with her portraits. Anyways, no matter what I have to make the next portrait count so wish me luck.

I don't know what happened with the SDM. I did everything exact and it still doesn't stay wet until the next day. I used artist grade Odorless Mineral Spirits, Venice Turp, Refned Linseed, and Stand oil as well as buying good quality clove oil. I measures with a measuring cup to get the amounts right on. What happened? Is it because I am painting on gessoed wood? Is the SDM only good on canvas.

The Brush Dip worked out much better.



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