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Electric Guitar with Glass Slide

edited September 1 in Post Your Paintings
Here's the latest painting.  36"x24" gallery wrap canvas.
That's a glass slide standing on the sheets.
I set this up in the shadow box.
The photo lost a bit of details in the darker areas especially at the head end of the neck,
The music playlist was:
Jeff Beck, Blow by Blow album (I blurred his name on the guitar pick in the strings)  Saw him play at White Sox park way back when,  Someone started the concession stand on fire and smoke filled the field,  Beck just kept on playing.
Black Crowes, Southern Harmony album (those are the music sheets on the table (Sometimes Salvation")  I've seen these guys a couple times.  I like Rich Robinson's guitar work and he is so layed back and cool when he is on stage.
Chicago, concert at Tanglewood  Seen these guys a few years back in an outdoor stage.  Great music.
Traffic,, The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys album.  Would have loved to seen these guys back then.

All comments and critiques welcome.
Here's the painting:


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