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an old unfinished piece



  • It’s interesting to see it at this stage from the standpoint of how you develop it.
  • @GTO, it was when I had gone back to Iran. many years back. I went there once and stayed for 365 days. never wanted to come back again but family members kicked my ass out of there. the painting subject there was like a heaven for me. As I was painting this one piece I got sent back to the states. the painting remained there for about ten years until someone rolled it up and mailed it to me. of course he had rolled it the wrong way and the painting cracked and so many pieces fail off. I restored the missing elements but I did leave the painting unfinished........
  • @A_Time_To_Paint yeah, I still have the photo. I took it myself. the cool thing about Iran was just that, there were billions of images all over from the time you opened your door and went out til coming home. I have so many other things that I'm after that redoing something of the past just doesn't fit into my routine for now. I'm always a sucker for the human hardship and am always drawn to paint it. you ever want to role a painting, role it in a way where the painted part is seen from the outside and not role it inward. here was the lesson 
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