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  • edited August 2020
    I love this one, especially the donkey The light too, looks like early morning.

    Beautifully done

  • @MichaelD,... Valet parking persian style!
    [Deleted User]
  • @A_Time_To_Paint,...if only I truly was! thank you, my friend, you're kind as always. 
  • shahin said:
    @MichaelD,... Valet parking persian style!
    Ha Ha  =)

    Good one
  • Your art work is truly exquisite.  Enjoy it immensely.
  • @shahin. These old paintings are really good.  I like this especially because you’ve combined figures with the landscape.  The light is beautiful and even though there is some looseness it’s clearly depicted.
  • @oilpainter1950,... your compliment is way beyond deserved but thanks. you're very kind
  • @GTO,.... you know, that's why I really am a firm believer in the subject. people see the subject and give you all the credit! I did bring some changes into this photo for sure but the main backbone was already there including all the light. back then, I was more concerned about details and realness. now I'm more concerned about realness after having deconstructed it to death! you saw that old guy's strokes. anything other than that to me now is not even painting anymore. it's a bad place to be because you're now neither here nor there. a foot here a foot there. 
  • GTOGTO -
    edited September 2020
    @shahin ha! You are sitting between two stools; real and ?
  • @GTO, maybe real and realist! real being just what you see and realist being your interference into reality toward further beautifying through the means of color and movement? dont pick my brain man,....:o)
  • @shahin  what I like about max Ginsburg painting demo is how he is naturally abstract about his brush strokes from the start.  He doesn’t paint real and the deconstruct.
  • A small thing, but you never/rarely give any particulars, such as size.  Please do that.  Good work.
  • @broker12, consider it done from now on sir. this one is a 20 by 24. thanks for the interest ........
  • Great drawing, color and light!  Truly masterful. 
  • @shahin How many changes did you bring in to the photo when composing the work? 

    I think the final composition is sublime... to me it is beautiful and meaningful.

    it tells both a visual and a cognitive story, in complete harmony... an integrated whole if you will... the abstract form of the road leads off into the corner suggesting movement, however the form of the old lady interrupts it bringing it to a halt which matches what seems to be happening in the piece... a woman on a journey coming to a momentary halt... to stoop and address forms which are stationary, and blocked, visually and conceptually from the movement and the path.  But there is a short connecting form on the bottom left, a way for the forms to get to and move along the path... 

    She older than he, knows the path better.  Is she imparting some wisdom?  She stoops to address him... (she higher in the work than he)... as a parent would stoop or crouch to instruct their child with benevolence.  Where is his path?

    The tree is life, life in a desolate landscape, it ascends and bursts with color in contrast to its surroundings, both visually and conceptually.  The path she is on  would then seem to be a path of Life itself.  Is she on the right path...? Taking but a moment help a younger fellow traveler?  Will he follow?  We see that there is a way that he can.

    If the photo had all these elements in it ... bravo to the photographer (whomever it was.. you?)... if not bravo to your composition, it is visually and conceptually ...


  • @GTO, this one is a long story. ill make it real short since its real late at night. the village is abianeh or abyaneh. google it in the images. maybe the oldest village in Iran. definitely more than a few thousand years old. in the central part of Iran in the peak of the mountains. chingiz khan could reach it as it was too high up nor did the filthy Muslims for the same reason. in that time iran was all Zoroastrian. it was the mother of all religions which had a concept of good and evil. a branch of that was known az pagan in Europe. fast forward today you won't find a single black veil over a single woman there as HIJAB. the black thing is a sign of Islam. instead, they celebrate life with colorful clothing as u can see. they have still kept their fire temple though a small Islamic mosque is also built there. the village is a living museum. their housing is nothing but literal holes in the mountains with engraved wooden doors still intact of centuries old. the level of literacy is %100. all their children are doctors and highly educated individuals yet they all come back to their village once a year for NOROOZ which is the Persian new year "the first day of spring" they all carry their authentic costumes when coming home. this photo was taken of a real couple there. they are in love. the background didn't have the tree. instead, there was an ugly door there. yes, the tree presented the spring and all that you mentioned with the blossoms. its one of my dreams to go back there again. here are some photos of there. 
    ArtGal[Deleted User]
  • @shahin That does look like a wonderful place to visit, a place that would allow you to slow down.  It would be like going back in time.  
  • @shahin Could you post the original picture you worked from?  I am fascinated!
  • @CBG, oh I don't have it. I always rip them apart afterward. the subject is very much the same as you see. there is no tree and instead, there is a very ugly metal door! I did steal the tree from my mentor's painting! there it is......
  • @GTO, yes and no! the place is certainly mystical and even well protected by Unesco! the thing is, you're still in Iran! I don't know, I suppose looking at it from the eyes of an Iranian is different than through the eyes of an American!  they really have gone out of their way to impose misery on people there. you hear about all the executions of the young who make their voices be heard. its worst than anything you can imagine. Yes, as a painter there are millions of such places in my old country. It's my fantasy to live there and to paint there. 
  • @shahin Was I so far off in my analysis?  I mean ... I really think it's an example of pure genius of composition and that it is a truly an artistic masterpiece.  ... was it simply all by accident??  I can't believe that... ;)
  • @CBG, well I mean look, least in this case and often in most cases for me, the subject is already composed beautifully. the changes I bring into them, I'm not sure if they are so impactful. in the case the little tree did what it needed but the rest really isn't my work. I just had the eye to choose it and want to paint it. yes, the strokes and all that did make a difference in bringing further harmony into its music.  there are however those rarer paintings that I have composed them a hundred and fifty percent for sure such as this one which I'm posting below for you. in this one, although some of the photos or even most of them have already been taken by other I have composed them together myself. there are many things I have also added myself by putting real live models in front of me and putting them into the painting such as for example the lost shoes! I do a lot of that, it gives the painting a stronger thing rather than everything having been worked from a photograph or many. 

    on this one also for instance, the bottle, the cigarette box and the cigarettes are my own real life models i have imposed into the painting below

    I enjoyed your comments and your power of observation. 
  • @shahin Thank you for humoring me!  Again, wonderful work.
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