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"Facing West" Complete 12" x 12" O.O.C.

Been Struggling with this one for a couple weeks now but I am content with how it came out. Had difficulty getting a likeness of the face on such a small canvas -- the face is only about an inch in diameter -- but I feel I've gotten it to a place I feel ok with and as good as it's going to get. Thanks to all who gave some guidance and advice. Thanks for looking. 



  • Thanks for sharing. It is so peaceful and calm. Especially her face, I think it is better that it is unclear, it brings its own vibe.
  • Great work @Bucky, I love the space and light in it, and I agree it has a calmness about it.

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    I really like the concept and feel of this, @Bucky. And the landscape elements are great.

    I know the face is a very small area and so detail is difficult. But just a few small stategically placed shadows and highlights would make a big difference. One way to do this would be to open the reference photo in Photoshop, Affinity Photo or other image editor and apply a median blur. This will get rid of detail but allow you to see where the main bright and dark areas are on the face. No need to paint nostrils and eye brows - forget that it's a face -  just place the lights and darks on the face as per the median blur. I think @Richard_P uses this technique in his marvelous portraits to deliniate areas of value/colour and I use it sometimes to simplify detail in landscapes so I don''t have to paint every leaf on trees.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • The lack of details really turns my focus on the feeling of relaxing, this is great!
  • Thanks so much, @WillTi, @MichaelD, @Forgiveness! Really appreciate it!
    @tassieguy, that is such great advice, thanks so much! I will definitely look into learning how to do that -- had no idea. Also great point earlier about a rough canvas being tougher to work on with something like this size. I've learned a lot with this painting :) 
  • GTOGTO -
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    @Bucky this is a great modern painting.  The colors are similar to Hopper and he liked having figures looking outward.  There is also a David Hockney feel to this in the way you use flat areas and edges. This is a successful painting.
  • Thanks so much, @GTO !  I'm glad you think of it as successful. I've been trying to decide if it will make it onto my website, and I think ultimately, it will for now :) 
  • @Bucky Oh Yeah.  If I had a website I’d post it, definitely.
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    I certainly see success here too, and I continue to see something like surrealist artists Alex Coleville or maybe Magritte. I like the very subtle appearance of contentment in the figure's face and goes well combined in the reclining pose, this fine element is quite different from the other artists mentioned above, I feel that this is important to note.
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