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Oh, oh, Dust Contamination in Fresh Varnish

edited August 2020 in Painting

Hardy Hibiscus, 10"x 12" oil on prepared cradled wood panel. (flower shown true to life size, 10"x 10")

 So I just varnished this beautiful oil painting this morning. A little glare on the left side in this photo (not a great photo), but the varnish is contaminated, appears like many minute dust particles, but it is not that, not from my work area.
 This is my mistake for buying this popular quality product on sale, a big no, no here, and never ever again. No indication of an expiry date on this product either.
My question is, should I wait until it's dry before carefully removing this with mineral spirits or, can I or should I do this while it is still wet?
 As it is drying the varnish is settling more, and doesn't look so severe but the problem is still there none the less. I may wait until it is completely dry for further observation. I'm secretly hoping to finish this varnishing with little or no appearing incident if this is possible here, and add a second coat when ready.


  • Forgiveness

    Wait till dry. Second coat. Pray silently.

  • Thank you,

     it is touch dry already at this very moment but doesn't appear good. I will wait 'till tomorrow morning, but it looks like I will be removing the varnish after all. I'll purchase a new fresh container of varnish and redo as needed.

     Lesson learned, now closed, Lol!
  • Can you remove the varnish easily? I use gamvar which I can remove with gamsol.
  • Thanks @Richard_P much appreciated!

      Yes I can easily remove the old with mineral spirits, gently. I prefer to not work with mineral spirits.
     I have this in mind to purchase gamvar and gamsol, this will be best for me.
     But because of tight budget I may have to wait just a little while, but to do so before winter arrives for adequate ventilation in the studio.
  • edited August 2020
    Looking at this, this morning, I'm going to be redoing this varnish anew with gamvar. It will be easier for me to remove what I already did immediately, it is dry but not settled in the curing process just yet. My conscience just won't let me rest on it as is. 

     I consider this a precious gift from Mark C. and everyone from this site who encouraged me to my feet again and a more personal valuable reminder for me. This is the best I did at this time, in this period of my career under Mark's tutoring and everyone's generous and kind support all the way. I'll hang it in my studio at eye level, same viewing level as it was hanging on the stalk of the flower itself. I will have to frame this soon as well, I may be on a strict budget but it doesn't stop me from fully appreciating it including the process and everyone who so participated with me along the way.

    I'm just getting back to a more settled relaxing state within me to get back to painting more regularly with a whole bunch of new paint. At the moment I have 2 paintings to complete (1 large, 1 medium sized canvases). And 2 new more pieces coming up along with these, so yes, multiple pieces in the works here, more like normal for me. I also have many new photos to sort through and many more to come yet, pushing my present phone camera to the max and waiting for my new phone to arrive (via scenic route), lol!
     I'm in process of reinventing everything here, I'm celebrating a fresh, HUGE personal victory in my background that took my entire lifetime of effort to achieve, trust me this is no small feat.

    Thanks and keep on painting, no matter what.
  • edited September 2020
    Good for you, @Forgiveness. Seems to me that life is a string of ups and downs. A good approach is to paint up a storm while we're high on the wave and paint our way out of the troughs.  That way, we're always making creative progress however rough the ride. :)
  • edited September 2020
    This is precisely it for me @tassieguy and to enjoy it too. This practise is included in the zen way of meditation, tg.
    Today I'm placing another order for even more paint and oil ground. I already have a new batch of the basic primaries + lead white, and I'm adding just a few extra colors in the blue & green range, cobalt, phthalo + viridian. It is so great to purchase such great quality stuff from our greatest manufacturers from around the world here where I live, finally, Wow!
     I can even purchase Rosemary & Co. brushes here, all at rather reasonable prices too, if I wish to do so.
    I hope to get my new phone soon, this one is crashing a lot! Lol! I can't help but laugh at these weird breakdowns, I'm glad to have leaverage to work with it all and win sometimes! Lol!

    Just keep painting, lol!
  • Hope your life continues to be more peaceful and settled.
  • @Forgiveness Ah a fresh start, a new lease on life or “Dharma for one” as Jethro Tull would say. 
  • edited September 2020
    I couldn't agree more @GTO. I've loved this song since it was first released, one of my most favorite bands.
    It's good to have strong support to work with at this time.

    Looking forward!
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