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Hello to All!

Hello and greetings from Germany. My name is Oliver, 53 years old, and I`m quite new to painting. I started at the beginning of this year as a student of the MJS online art school. As you can imagine, my first challenges were Drawing, Color mixing and trying not to put too many paint on my clothes. This at least has improved in the meantime and my wife is quite pleased about that.....

I quickly realized that apart from the pure painting techniques, there is a large  universe around the painting process waiting for me to be discovered, such as Photography, digitalisation, etc. so all the topics you are discussing here as well. I also started to watch Mark`s videos and they are really helpful. There is no “own” painting I could show to you, apart from the nine tutorial paintings I have done under the instructions of MJS. I  finally decided to register and not to hide myself any longer. I read your comments from time to time and I find it only fair to disclose myself. Well, I intend to become an active member of this forum, but at this point in time I don’t feel I am at a level that I could give useful advice.

Best Oliver 


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