Best artwork printers for 2020


For both source images and final image rendering (giclees) here are some capable printers.


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    Thanks, @dencal. My next one will be the Epson Expression ET-7750. I already have an Epson that does a good job but the Expression looks even better - especially in terms of ink.  :)
  • thanks for posting the video @dencal, most informative :)
  • I am a Canon boy, I have the Canon PIXMA PRO-10, they have recently rolled out two new models that "replaces" the oldest versions:

    (PIXUS*) PIXMA PRO-10(S*) →【New】ImagePROGRAF PRO-300 (G1*)  Pigment Ink models
    (PIXUS*) PIXMA PRO-100(S*) →【New】(PIXUS*) PIXMA PRO-200 (S1*) Dye Ink models
    • *In different countries it has slightly different naming combinations.

    - The new line has some edge in quality,
    - The older models can good for your pocket at this moment since you can find cheap 3rd party ink.

    And I agree with the video, pigment ink is the way.
  • @hiragaruben @tassieguy @dencal Thank you guys for sharing information on printer. I usually paint from photos. I am planning to buy a mid range printer (not too expensive). I am very overwhelmed with available options in the market. Do you have any suggestions per your experience? Also how do you get pictures laminated ? 
  • A mid-range printer like my Epson 7720 will cost $AU300 - $AU400. Probably a bit less in US$. Mine does a reasonable job. 

    You can get by without a laminator. I just use a bit of clear plastic. When the plastic gets covered in paint swatches I throw it out and get a new bit.   :)
  • @vartikasinha to be honest I only use the iPad for reference. 
    I like my printer because it can be used for fine art prints and the quality is great, while having affordable inks (25usd for the whole set of inks) from 3rd party companies that can be found selling on Amazon.

    Canon Pixma Pro-10 can be found used for around 200-250usd.

    There are several laminating machines on Amazon that range from 40-150usd. And they also sell the plastic sheets for real cheap.

    If that is not an option. Like @tassieguy said, I don’t see how you can go wrong with clear plastic or even some kitchen wrap plastic over the picture 

  • @hiragaruben this is interesting, how do you check colour on ipad? I am curious. I am a beginner and very curious about workflows of other artists
  • @vartikasinha if you are talking about the method were you do a brushstroke next/close/on top of your reference, I just hold my brush loaded with the color in front of the iPad and judge.

    Although, after painting from life/ studying colors, you realize the pitfalls of a photo (exposure, contrast, dynamic range, plus the multitude of colors that
    your eye can see and camera can’t) and try to make up for those using color theory.

    I don’t usually follow my reference 1 to 1. I will change a lot depending of what is going on.

    If you like to improve your values/color. I would suggest studying from life.

    When doing a bigger painting, a life-study as a guidance+ 4 of the same photo of what you are gonna paint with multiple exposure variations is a nice combo.

  • @hiragaruben Thank you very much for sharing the details. Yes I am going to try paint more from life. I struggle to draw from life, that's why I get discouraged. But definitely will try
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    Attend a weekly life drawing group. Get some A2 newsprint and some charcoal.
    In a couple of months you will not be able to say you struggle with life drawing.

    20 minute pose chalk and charcoal A2 Newsprint. Jay in Highgate.


  • @dencal Thanks for this suggestion.Do you have any recommendations of online groups for beginners ? I am based out of India. Thanks a lot again
  • This is the best online place for beginners that I know of.  :)
  • vartikasinha

    Use a Google type search engine and put your ‘city name’ and ‘life drawing’ in the search.

    eg. Delhi life drawing

    Check social media for life drawing.

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