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fisherman by the Caspian

this one is a really old piece. I think about 15 years or so. plenty of personal stories and memories about it when I went back home for the first time after so many years. It just brings incredible memories. 



  • Is this the painting or the reference photo ? 
  • @Hilary, it's the painting of course. i get it, back then i was just in the transition of feeling the thirst for making my paintings more painterly and less photographic. didn't understand how to go about though. "still don't so well". there's a beautiful story about this guy I will type it for you a bit later. 
  • HilaryHilary -
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    And you still claim you have no talent !! 
    I’m giving up on you !  
    Please post more of your talentless work. 😉

  • @Hilary, did you take a look at the revolution I posted? listen to me my sister, trust me, talent means nothing. this painting you're looking at is nothing but garbage to me now. had I redid it now it would look nothing like you see it now. its too photographic and lacks so much creativity. yes, the subject pulls you toward it, I agree. I took the photo myself. i'm not trying to put down my work. its true i'm frustrated. I was just showing @GTO some lady's work that makes me want to quit painting altogether. it's just my own assessment on where I am and where I'm going to be in  painting, bringing into the formula my future's health as well. will my eyes even work or will life throw so many other shoes to even take away the will to paint? All this into a package, I'm displeased with my overall journey as a painter. I know i'm sounding a bit dramatic, that's just my character. By the way GTO is a guy not a girl! did you know? I always thought he was a woman lol
  • @shahin I enjoyed talking with you today.  Sorry that you were expecting a girl on the other end of the phone. 😂.   
    I do recall now looking at Cindy Precious’ work
    a while back.  (I’m not great at names but I remember images quite well. ) 
    I watched three of her videos.  One alla prima another using layers.  She paints back to front and dark to light.  But she also adds marks on top and in some cases does a light blend of those.  Then I watched her egg demo and she blocked in colors then blended and mixed on the canvas.  She went back to her background and added to that again and the back to the egg.  Really kind of different.  I dont go back in once an area, once it’s done it’s done.  Her layered painting is a different story. Her first layer is done like the alla prima but then her layers are transparent or semi transparent and that’s where she gets interesting reflections and depth of color. 
    Here’s her egg video, probably her best video example.  
    Gives me some things to think about.  
  • @GTO so when you say some are transparent and some semi-transparent you lose me. i don't even know what that means. the pleasure truly was all mine, my friend. 
  • @shahin yeah I’m glad we got to chat.  Your studio school looks like a great creative environment.  
    Take a look at the candy apple video starting at 3:42 and pay attention to the reflection of the window on the left of the apple.  She’s using probably titanium white and maybe a small bit of ultramarine blue and laying that on top of the red to get that reflection finished.  She’s also using that white and doing some abstraction nearby that.  You can also see ghat she must be layering in some additional red (with maybe some ultramarine?) in other areas of the red turning those areas into a deeper red.
    She doesn’t show the brush in that video so I’m just going by the changes i see in the image.  That’s my best guess at what she’s doing.

  • @GTO, i will. today my class lasts til 9 pm. Wednesdays I have three classes from 9 to 9. I'll look at it for sure. I'm interested to see you studying her work as well and see what you can come up with. 
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    @GTO and @shahin,

    I notice you guys have been chatting about Cindy Procious, theres a coincidence.

    I did a 10 day workshop with her in Bruges 2017, she is a great teacher and friend, and though she is in US and I am in UK we keep in touch. 

    Her work is incredible.

    These are my works form the workshop. This was only my 3rd ever oil painting

    We all went to the food market together and chose items to paint. It was a great experience.

  • Cindy Procious is @ArtistMartin ‘s teacher , too. 
    His work is of the same very high standard.  
    You guys here blow me away with what you produce. 
    Call it talent , hard work , pure fluke , good luck or anything else you want ..... the end result is fantastic. 

  • Yes thats true @Hilary I on here with him.

    Thank you so much, for your kind words

  • GTOGTO -
    edited August 27
    @MichaelD and @ArtistMartin1 can you guys shed any light on how she achieves such great results?   Were my observations above correct?
  • @GTO
    Im not sure I will need to take a good look at the video. Then again when I did the workshop with her it was us students who were painting so I am unsure if I can give you an answer.

    I will say she is big on blending though

  • @Hilary and @GTO and @MichaelD, small world. I did start the talk about this woman to GTO as his work reminded me hers and as for myself, I find something in her work that regardless of how I watch her at work I just can't figure out why her textures become so different than mine. I'm jealous as hell. funny enough I met this Martin guy in Facebook. I thought he was an amazingly kind individual and I love his work. somewhere in the middle of chatting, he thought I was an antisemite because I criticized Iranian Jews for being trump supporters! he did stop all communications and to make it easier on him I did block him out of my Facebook also! aside art, we also shared the Russian language together. I really liked him and his work and yes he did mention that he studied with this gal. what this woman does is my end goal in my artistic journey. as I was telling GTO, I didn't think she deconstructed her brushwork and subjects after building them like does Dennis Perrin as it's something I'm more than interested in but still the fact that I can not create her textured really does get under my skin. makes me feel so incompetent. if I could kidnap that woman in my art dungeon for three months,........ sigh....
  • @MichaelD, I love this piece. you're not that different than hers. bravo
  • Thank you @shahin, she is much more skilled than I though.
  • What a shame. Can't seem to get away from politics anywhere, even here, which I thought was one of the few remaining safe places I visit.
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