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Good video about being afraid to paint


  • Excellent video. Thank you for sharing it. @Intothevoid
  • @Hilary
    Not at all, he really covered a few home truths for me and I hope others identified with some of what he was saying. Lack of confidence and artist's block are major hurdles for many.
  • Thanks, I enjoyed this video. Sometimes life can be challenging, where I loose who I am, and forget. I'm glad to be working out something good.
  • edited August 24
    What an inspiring video. Thanks for posting it @Intothevoid.  I really got a lot out of it and I hope others see it.

    If I may paraphrase and summarize:

     Just dive in and paint and stop worrying about failing to produce a masterpiece.    Paint daily and the masterpieces may come but do nothing and there is no hope, there's just nothing. Find a reason to paint. Ask yourself, why am I here? Am I on this earth to do nothing, to produce nothing of value? However long I have left I don't want to waste it.

    Although I've never articulated it in that way,  his philosophy is mine also. It's what keeps me painting daily.    :) 
  • That’s a good video.  I had the opposite thing happen.  A while back I became afraid of not painting.  I used to paint and draw a lot and over the years grew away from it because of life and work responsibilities.  I had the overwhelming feeling that if I did not get back into it that i would lose my love for art.  
  • I still like that old saying "have your fear and do it anyway". So, I have my fear of painting and gonna do it anyway. Lol! 😁
  • Unfortunately I haven't faced artist's block from 2016. Finding time is the only problem that I have.
  • Great video.  I have the same problem as kaustavM in that it's difficult for me to find time to paint.  When I finally do get the time, it's like I'm  having to start all over again.  I felt the same way as the person who wrote the letter in this video.  I am a perfectionist and have always been afraid of messing it up but have since learned that you can change just about anything in a painting.  The best advice is just having the discipline of practicing something art-related every day and to just experiment and make something that is "good enough for the trash."  Liked that one.  
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