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Best light for artist - EVER,....

As many know on here I have been through many lighting set ups, from the Voodoo black curtain box style, over head string lights etc, etc, all rubbish..and not required (I feel)
I just recently invested in a ML200 PLUS method lights, and it is so far the best studio light I have ever had by far.
Easy to install (no localized power needed) remote control. swivel light arm, perfect color balance, adjustable beam spread, 2 settings.
Walk in press on and boom, perfect light all the time.
NOTE - Every ones eyes are different - but I use the 7000k for mixing and painting, No shadows, no glare - Well worth the investment and one charge should last me a month.

  • Color Temperature: Adjustable 2700K to 7000k

  • Timer: 3 hr. automatic shut off w/ 3 or 6 hr. delay

  • Dimmer: Ideal lighting intensity

  • Finish: Matte, ceiling white (Paintable)

  • Lamp Life: 50,000 hours

  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

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