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Underpainting Study

I recently tried a study trying several different underpainting methods. The underpaintings were completed with acrylic except for the geneva stain. 



  • Good idea @JasonW, was there one of the six that you favoured or found to be a better version because of that particular underpainting  ?
  • Interesting. Looks like all the finished paintings are very similar to me. I suspect types of underpainting is more a matter of personal preference than a definite requirement for a certain look.
  • I cant see a difference on my phone.
    The one thing I would add to the topic is that if you plan to utilze under base painting in the finnished product then keep under painting in transition. Other wise peices of under painting of static color randomly showing up will flatten the illusion of space.
  • I like these studies, but I think you would have had to allow some of the under painting to show through in certain areas to give it some depth.Love the blue mug on the red book. The crease in the orange is a nice detail. 
  • They all do look very much the same regardless of which background color you used, all very good.  Would also be curious to know @JasonW if you had a favorite and how it affected your outcome.  I'm sure it was a great exercise in values to paint everything in monotone first.  
  • The plain white canvas was pretty bad. The white would come through too much a ruin the values. The toned canvas was pretty good but had some trouble under the lighter values. I am still deciding among the rest.
  • I know an artist that under paints his western scenes, landscapes and portraits in a soft orange wash.  The results are amazing.
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