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Hi friends!

I m just now started painting. It's the only one that I didn't find interesting when I was a kid, but now when I turned 30, run out of interesting stuff to learn and decided to give it a try. I m very happy that there s so much to learn with this! 😊 I work at the night and try to walk towards self feeding myself without industry in my micro farm during the days so not so much time to paint, but every free time I have I try to learn, see what shapes the shadow does in trees or sun in my goats fur when I m walking with my animal friends in the Finnish forest. I would love to paint good work from traditions in farming & animal keeping from times before oil and money, so that they arent lost and their beauty would be memorized&appreciated again. Think painting would be a good way to do that. But there s a looong way to that point.

Not many human friends and no one of them are interested in arts or painting, so I m so Happy to find my way here with all of you guys! 😊 And what talents I've found here, just amazing work! 
Anne, Finland


  • Hi, @AnneY. Welcome to the forum.  :)
  • @AnneY I admire your pursuit of micro farming and your love of nature.  Welcome to the forum.  You will find everyone helpful and friendly here.
  • Thanks @tassieguy 🙂 @GTO Oh thanks for your kind words, and I agree, it so nice to be here where everyone can be theirself and ask for advice and opinions 🙂. 
  • AnneY

    Welcome to you.


  • Welcome , you are going to like it here, xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi and welcome @AnneY :) cudos for micro farming - that's a lot of hard work :)
  • We live a similiar life you and in the forested mountains with live stock milling about....traditional values and natures law.
    Deer meat sitting on a plate next to fresh farm eggs and washed down with goats milk....or whatever is in season or trade.
    I look forward to seeing your progress.

  • Start a painting....this forum can walk you through it. Keep it simple with just a few colors...there is plenty of voice with four colors and a great deal can be said with just a tube of black and white of canvas...used like charcoal. 
  • I just now see you already started a conversation with your work. 
  • Hello hello :)@Tramontane Oh how neet to meet somebody similar minded over here! <3 I don't hunt, forest animals come to see me time to time (once a moose mom came with 2 calves and feed them milk in front of me, calves lift their mum behind legs to air, that's how much energy they had when they went to suck under there! :D That was a moment that last!). I think I wouldn't be able to look in their eyes anymore if I would shoot them. But fly fishing is nice, altough I say "forgive me" to the fish before I kill and cook it. :D Only roosters I just have to eat sometimes, so that there's balance between the chicks and the boys. Other way it's just constant raping. Well, that's how it is in the bird world...

    I think nature law is the only one that we need, all the other written laws, lines in the Earth etc. are just hallucinations that make us not feeling so good. I dream to live even more out of this world. Like in some reeeally big forest with no road over there, a little cabin in top of the hill, wooden stove, small room, few tools to make plates and all that I need from wood, carry water to the sauna that heats up with wood, and animals. Some river near to fly fishing, would be my dream come true. Good to be dreams. :)  

    Now planning on starting my 3th painting, but my last one was such pain in the ass and I m not happy with it at all that miss a bit inspiration to start now :disappointed: But after a long thinking, I think I m going to paint a landscape, it's the only way that I can practice the use of my color checker and values. And want to do something quick, and with Finnish sun in the autumn, you have to be quick.   
  • Just an hour before dawn this morning I see the constelation Orion with his  shoulder on the horizon. Orions presence creates divide with studio time.
  • We get moose and this is grizzly bear habitat and mountain lion area.  Recently the neighbors dog came through and killed twelve chickens in short time ..we still finding bodies in places they crawled away to.
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