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Planning for a COVID19 painting.

This is the first draft and there will be changes to the composition and positions later. But does this work for a big painting?


  • Cool. We see the foot of your bed (I think) and all the medics bustling around in PPE. The fact that they are wearing masks will mean that you won't have to worry about getting a likeness. Did you take any reference photos?
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    @tassieguyI got several photos of patients as well as doctors and attendants, the environment I was into. Will  changing the postions of some people and add another patient's face to the right. This should feel like a snapshot.
  • There must be an easier way of getting an idea for a painting @ Kaustav! 😊
    But this will be an interesting one. 
    Hope you’re getting your strength back. 
  • @Hilary haha! I can only now laugh about it. But sometimes there are big things hidden behind every bad event. Let's see what does it bring. But this is just a painting documenting what I saw...hard working hospital staff.
  • It looks too “at ease”. I would expect to see the the danger, the sense of struggling against an unseen enemy, maybe a bit of chaos that we all feel about the situation.

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    @GTO I see what you mean and thought about it too.
    But the hospital that I was into has one of highest recovery and lowest death rate (2%) in the whole Uttar Pradesh state. Now the state has 85% recovery rate! 
    Most of the time they were procedure bound in their, observation, medicine recommendation, respiratory support and help from attendants. So, even when the patients were criticial, it never had that feel of danger every moment. 
    There was a huge emotional support to patients from everybody which I'll add here in one instance.
    I saw only one death where the old village person was not following to any instruction from the doctors. 
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    I agree with the discussion above, but do this one anyway. A lot of great qualities to this composition including perspective. Also, this is completely different than anything else that you have ever painted. I would like to see values and contrasts more clearly though. Adding color will say a lot too and add to the atmosphere and story.
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    That curved element on the left is messing with the perspective.
  • @Forgiveness thanks. This might take about six months to finish. I'm going to make make more changes and put theory into the picture. Will take my time.
  • @PaulB yeah. Will correct the top section. I need to put more patients in there too. It must be a room full of sick people.
  • Ok. I've been able to come down to something and this is more or less it. Thinking of a size 32X48 inch. Problem will be the transfering these 4X6 inch sketches. But before this I'm gonna make a bigger oil sketch.

    Pencil sketch 

    Poster sketch

  • I think this is an awesome idea!
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    Great concept! If you want to reference and expand on a previous artist then look into the realist paintings of George Tooker. Painting is egg tempura, entitled "Ward" 1970-71.

    Taken from link: Paintings such as Subway, 1950, and Ward, 1970-71, are unforgettable images of the numbing isolation and anonymity that George Tooker finds in our secular bureaucratic society. What lies behind these compelling images? The larger context of private and public themes offers us insight into Tooker's achievement. I would like to propose that at least a part of this achievement lies in his simultaneous use and dismissal of the traditional, that is Renaissance-based, perspective construction of pictorial space. 

  • @geoffrey_38 thanks. This is certainly an awesome painting. I'm going with what I saw sitting on that front bed. The first drawing I did had too much space. Now, I made it busier. It must look like a snapshot rather than a frozen piece. Added more patients. Had an idea of using aerial perspective as well just like Tooker's painting. 
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    I bought a 36 inch X5 mtr canvas and now it's here. I want to start on this painting with a size of 32X48 inch canvas.

    I want to stick it to my studio wall. Anyone got any ideas if sticking plasters/medical paper strips are going to hold this size? I got lots of board pins though but I'm afraid it will ruin the wall completely. 
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