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Mixing mediums bad idea?

rstallrstall -
edited August 2020 in Studio & Supplies
Dear oil gurus, I have a dried first layer of paint made w Marks Linseed and clove oil basedpaint, and need to go to work on another layer but I am out of burnt umber- will it cause issues (like with adhesion and cracking) if I were to use  M Graham brand burnt umber which has walnut oil as the medium for my color mixes (I realize there’s No clove so it’ll dry faster)
thanks in advance :)


  • rstall

    Assuming the first layer is really dry there should be no problems. Is this a toning layer? A thin layer won’t present problems.

    More issues are likely with student grade paints, alkyds, fillers, impasto gels, thickly applied paint etc

    As an oil layer dries it shrinks and moves a little as it polymerises. A brittle top layer may be less inclined to move and crack or wrinkle. Linseed and walnut oils are usually perfectly stable as paint additives/modifiers.

  • Thanks Dencal! I believe I used the foundation stain and then a first thin paint layer - yeah it’s been sitting around a year! Yeah just making sure adding walnut based Burnt umber oil to my linseed based ones Yellow-white-blue and red won’t cause a problem.
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