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Two more drawings... not sure I mind if they look "cartoony"

I go to a portrait class each week, and do charcoals... but as stated in a previous post, an eye might look right, a nose okay, a mouth fine, and the other eye okay, but put together it doesn't look right, more like "Mr Potato Head". The best advice was to keep practicing... day job, and weekend warrior work slowing me down, but here's two more which are somewhat "cartoony"... but they do resemble the models. Each one is about 40 min (two 20min sessions)... Please advise...


  • arturoquimico

    Super portraits for 40 minutes. I couldn't get any where near this level of proportional accuracy and shading in that time.

    Is the class a teaching event or just a participation type class?

    Sarah's portrait is really good


  • Wow, thanks for encouragement and interesting ideas. Not a lesson, just a bunch of artists who get together weekly. Generally I measure the models face with a ruler to get the length and width, then lay out a say 5.5x9 "box" (smaller for women usually). Then with calipers figure out about where the eyes are; then bottom of nose, eyebrows, and hairline... just lines or "swoops". Then I rotate the head to match the model (unless she is looking straight on), so as the head rotates, the back of the skull gets bigger and the center line rotates. Here's where it breaks down I think... as at that point I draw an eye or start a nose, etc. but then the model's head starts to move and I'm too far into it to change it... then start erasing, increasing something that rotates toward me and decreasing what rotates away... I'm going to try looking at negative shapes... good idea; and maybe put in some markers, but wait to the last minute to actually draw the eyes, nose, etc... Also, I don't see so well anymore and if I don't get there early, I get a place in the back row... harder to do portraits from there. Thanks Yall...
  • i like them especially the first one. I found a lot more success going to neutral color paper like Mark shows on his canvas. I use a terra-cotta colored pencil it really helps your whites look more white and doesn't let you get to dark in the shaded area. I just did a sketch of J-lo for hair practice and will has a lot of highlights and shadowing. I also use his proportional divider and works wonders along with his points of interest from his new videos.
    keep drawing..
  • 20 minute detailed drawings are really hard. The first one is good! It's satisfying when it looks like the person you are drawing hey?

    It sounds like you have good measurement approaches. My humble opinion - if you aren't in a teaching class I would suggest learning a technique that allows you to learn how to build the form general to specific, large features to small. The idea is to capture the head shape accurately from your viewpoint, whatever that shape is, and then measure more to fit all the things you see in. But if you don't have the head shape right it will all look off.

    I drew from life in classes off and on for years and rarely did I get a satisfying portrait drawing in a 20 minute period. Maybe if I was drawing a foot. But the 40 minute ones were good. The longer poses just allowed me to get more down. Maybe I was just slow... :)
  • 20 minutes? I think they are excellent! I especially love the way you captured the eyes. Beautiful impression :-c
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