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Portable lights and panels

gfishgfish -
edited January 2013 in Studio & Supplies
Here are pics of my lights and black panel. The lights are just 1X2's made into a tripod with the light at the top and a pull chain for on/off. No issues with heat and can move where needed. The black cloth panels are 3/4 PVC sched 40. I pin cloth together but when not using can stack together against wall out of way. Works well for me. Gary
1.JPG 739.5K
4.JPG 617.1K


  • I should have stated that I use the panels to make a 10X10 area for doing TCM. Gary
  • This looks great. So much better than mine!
  • Great job Gary! I built the same type of pvc frames for the black panels in my first little studio and they worked very well. If your light tripods (larger footprints) get in the way a bit, try making your light stand with pvc as 'X' or 'Y"pattern for the base (2" diameter pvc) with one vertical pvc pole (1" works nicely). Fill the base with small river pebbles, you can buy a bag in the garden department at Lowe's or Home Depot. The pebbles pour nicely into the hole of the pvc fitting that the vertical pole goes into and they are heavy enough to provide a solid base, still easy to move around and have a much smaller footprint than a tripod. Your hard work in getting the studio will really pay off! :)
  • Gary, I sooooo love that!!! Very clever. Hummm, I got a view changes to make. Home Depot, here I come.
  • This is great! I love Home Depot And PVC pipe ;;)
    When I first started I made a huge tent in my basement out of PVC and hung black drapes all around and over the top.
  • Ronna, This may be a stupid question but You said when you first started, what do you do or use now?
  • Susie, it's not a stupid question. After a year I got tired of being in the basement. It was cold and no light. But it was the best thing for learning because I had it set up the way Mark suggested. I probably painted a dozen or more paintings down there. I moved up to the small spare bedroom. I painted the walls an eggplant color, hung black curtains over the white double closet doors and put a black rug under my easel. I just recently made a shadow box out of PVC pipe which is working out great. I posted a picture a few weeks back but I don't know how to attach it here to show you. My overhead light is just from the ceiling fan. Not the best but it works ok.
  • Thanks Ronna, That sounds like what I need to do. Right now I work off my dining room table and have to move it so we can eat. don't have a lot of space to accomplish much but then I haven't done much either. I started out taking a Bob Ross Class, yeah I know what some think about that but it is what got me interested in painting. My son and I signed up together and both enjoyed it. I don't know if I can do much on my own. I'm not that great a drawer either. Well that's enought about me. Thanks again for the info.
  • Hey SuzieQ. If it were not for Bob Ross I would never have started painting. I used to watch him, (unless I fell asleep dreaming of my world and how I could paint it) and I would think, I could do that. I took three lessens from a guy and loved it. Started reading, got involved in the local art center etc. His process is contrived but has brought a lot of pleasure to many people. Good for Bob. Read "Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain". It will improve your drawing skills because you will learn how to see. Just like Mark is teaching how to see color. Sketch every day, anything and your drawing skills will strengthen. And above all remember that you can do anything if you work hard enough and want it bad enough. Good luck
  • I loved Bob Ross for his sweetness and his relaxed approach. He took the intimidation out of painting for a lot of people and showed that anyone can paint. He had a good time and seemed like a genuinely loving person.
  • Funny you should mention Bob Ross. I was addicted to his shows, taped them all on my VHS way back when. He was an inspiration and sparked many people's interest in art. Donna
  • This is a video when I first finished my studio area...the other room is finished too so need to make a new video but still wanted to share. No comments on my accent allowed!
  • Hey Gary and Bubba G, I want to make a light stand like one of you has done. Bubba, it looks like you have a bolt at the top that would allow this to fold up? Gary....I am having trouble following you on your pvc you have a pic or could you draw me a picture? [-O<
  • I didn't hear any sound so I can't make fun of your accent.
  • Hey Liz....I don't have the light pole anymore since I moved. I'll draw up an picture or make a little model and take a picture. :)
  • edited February 2013
    Thanks Garry. Huh, I just tried it and can't get it to play. You know I don't REALLY have an accent @markcarder. ;)
    Just checked this link out and I could hear...thinking you have just learned to block me out? ;;)
  • edited February 2013
    Yes Liz, You don't REALLY have a Boston accent. ;) You'd fit right in here in Texas.
  • That's a lot of twang to not have an accent. lol A very nice room but those window cushions look far too comfortable to get much work done. Anyway, I made the light stands as tall as I could. I have about 11 foot ceilings so I made them 10.5. You are correct, I put a bolt through the top to hold the legs together. The legs are just 1X2's, 8 ft, bolted at the top and then spreaders on the two outside legs to create a tripod. then I put a plastic utility light base at the to and then my 85w bulb with a pull chain . To
  • Liz, I grew up in Mississippi. Funny, I didn't hear a twang at all! :)
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