Has anyone tried using Bloxygen preserver ( argon gas ) available from Amazon to slow/prevent  the polymerization of oil paints in jars?


  • dencaldencal -
    edited August 2020

    No. But I have mentioned it three or four times in posts on the Forum.

    Not only to extend shelf life of paint, also to argon tent a painting to preserve the open time of paint to continue later or work over an extended session.

    I have also done some research on oxygen tenting a painting to speed polymerisation with a view to varnishing and sale without waiting six months. 

    Mark’s slow dry medium gives me two years in a small jar with a good seal. Plenty time.


  • Thanks.  I've moved most of my tube oil paints to jars, mixing in some media to slow drying, then squirting in some Bloxygen on top before capping.  I surround the jar with a paper wrap to hopefully avoid much overspray of the Bloxygen.  I'm also going to cover my rectangular palette with a rectangular lid after spraying.  Gonna be hard to know if it's helping, but I figure it's worth the effort to try.
  • t4941rza

    Why not set up three identical jars with a small, measured amount of say burnt umber In each.
    One with no treatment, one with SDM and the other with bloxygen and see how long they last before skinning over?

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