Some Profile Photos Not showing, Disappearing & Reappearing?

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Is there anyone else experiencing this? Will it get rectified? Lol! Btw, this occurs both on my phone & pc.


  • Forgiveness

    Happened briefly last night on my iPad but now all restored.

  • I am still experiencing it on both my phone and PC. How can we alert the management? 
  • Yes, yesterday and now as I am on. I View on my PC.
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    Yesterday was the same as today for me also. Glad it's not just me,lol! I also noticed that the paintings in the gallery above are not showing too. 
  • The way the pics are disappearing is reminding me of the scene in Kubrick`s 2001 Space Odyssey, when HAL the computer is being dismantled as it sings

    "Daisy d a i s y   g   i   v  e    m    e       y   o   u      r       a   n    s   w     er   d ...............
  • We are being gaslighted by
  • Who is this gas lighting deviant tart you speak of @BOB73
  • Same experience with my devices.
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    I'm glad it's not a twist on "anonymity". Lol! I'm glad to see everyone's painting though, such great work to see! 
     Life's been getting in the way, and been setting myself up with a stash of prepared white birch panels 5"x 7" for oil  paintings, waiting for a new batch of oil paint to arrive, and enjoying scouting for new photos for painting, averaging 100-140 each outing. I enjoy this on foot, more enjoyable on my bicycle 'cause I get to cover so much more beautiful ground that's not so busy with people. My progress on the easle is just slow but holding strong, will post soon. It feels funny to be painting a winter scene in the middle of a summer heat spell with very high humidity 45+C indoors, and a broken airconditioner, tg now have a temp arrangement, a portable type but no manual, no instructions. Lol!
     Now our 2 (brand new)hot water tanks need replacing because of basement flooding from rains, what a mess! Lol!
     Maybe I should just build an arc and leave. Lol! I will be back posting soon, lol!
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    I'm glad to see things are restored here once again, well almost. Lol!
     In the meantime internet service in my area is suffering some interference, includes crashes, on and off. Somebody is working on it. Lol!
     I was waiting for a new supply of oil paint, was to wait possibly 2-3 weeks for arrival. I just got that they have arrived already, so I should have these in just a couple of days. I'm so looking forward, including having a good hot shower! Lol!
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