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Paint testing tests for opacity and drying times

I did some paint testing last year looking at different paints in terms of opacity and drying times when mixed with walnut oil to a fluid consistency and stored in the dark. These were painted on a toothy surface to maximise opacity.

Drying time on the palette or a surface is less than these tests in practice, but they did help identify roughly which paints dried slowest.

It might be useful to some of you:



  • In order:

     Paint namePigmentsOilBrandDays till partially dryDays till totally dryMinimum working time
    1Titanium White PW6Sunflower Oil M Graham4747
    2Titanium White PW6 / PW4Walnut Oil M Graham181918
    3Titanium White PW6 / PW4Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils141614
    4Titanium White PW6 / PW4Safflower Oil R. Talens Rembrandt252725
    5Titanium White PW6 / PW4Safflower Oil Sennelier Artist Oils666
    6Bismuth Yellow PY184Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils131313
    7Cadmium Yellow Pale PY35Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils111211
    8Cadmium Yellow Lemon PY35Unknown Oil Schminke Norma131413
    9Naples Yellow Deep PBr24Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils181918
    10Yellow Ochre PY42Linseed Oil W&N Winton898
    11Yellow Ochre Pale PY42Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils111211
    12Yellow Ochre PY42Linseed Oil R. Talens Van Gogh111611
    13Yellow Ochre PY42Linseed Oil R. Talens Rembrandt353
    14Yellow Ochre PY43Walnut Oil M Graham111211
    15Orange Ochre PY42Linseed Oil R. Talens Rembrandt333
    16Light Red PR101Linseed Oil W&N Winton454
    17Terra Rosa PR101Linseed Oil W&N Artist Oils454
    18Light Oxide Red PR101Linseed Oil R. Talens Van Gogh787
    19Light Oxide Red PR101Linseed Oil R. Talens Rembrandt232
    20Venetian Red PR101Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian222
    21Venetian Red PR101Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils222
    22Venetian Red PR101Safflower Oil Sennelier Artist Oils121
    23Naples Yellow Deep PBr24 / PW6 / PY154Linseed Oil R. Talens Rembrandt212221
    24Venetian Red PR101Linseed Oil R. Talens Rembrandt222
    25Terra Rose (Venetian) PR101Walnut Oil M Graham8108
    26Indian Red PR101Linseed Oil W&N Winton464
    27Indian Red PR101Linseed Oil W&N Artist Oils454
    28Indian Red PR101Linseed Oil R. Talens Van Gogh565
    29Indian Red PR101Linseed Oil R. Talens Rembrandt454
    30Indian Red PR101Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian343
    31Cadmium Scarlet PR108Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils787
    32Cadmium Red Light PO20Unknown Oil Schminke Norma101210
    33Permanent Red Deep PR254Linseed Oil R. Talens Rembrandt364236
    34Chrome Yellow Hue PY216 / PY53Unknown Oil Schminke Norma90
    35Quadricone Magenta PR122Linseed Oil Jacksons Professional494949
    36Ultramarine Blue PB29Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils242424
    37Sennelier Blue PB29 / PB15:6Safflower Oil Sennelier Artist Oils666
    38Winsor Blue (Green Shade) PB15:3Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils343
    39Winsor Green (Yellow Shade) PG36Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils232
    40Mars Black PBk11Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil W&N Artist Oils121
    41Oxide Black PBk11Linseed Oil R. Talens Rembrandt111
    42Oxide Black PBk11Walnut Oil M Graham676
    43Oxide Black PBk11Unknown Oil Maimeri Classico111
    44Lamp Back PBk7Linseed Oil W&N Artist Oils343434
    45Naples Yellow Light PBr24 / PY53Unknown Oil Schminke Norma92
    46Titanium White PW6 / PW4Safflower Oil R. Talens Van Gogh787
    47Titanium White PW6 / PW4Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian666
    48Titanium White PW6 / PW4Linseed Oil W&N Winton7107
    49Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue PY74Linseed Oil W&N Winton121312
    50Azo Yellow Medium PY74 / PW6Linseed Oil R. Talens Van Gogh121812
    52Chrome Yellow Hue PY74 / PO62Linseed Oil W&N Artist Oils2020
    53Cadmium Yellow Hue PY74 / PW5 / PW6Linseed Oil Schminke Akadamie444
    54Cadmium Yellow Light Hue UnknownSafflower Oil Sennelier Rive Gauche111
    55Chrome Yellow Hue PY74 / PY65 / PW6Linseed Oil W&N Winton70
    56Yellow Lake PY74Linseed Oil M Harding70
    57Mixed Yellow PY74 / PW5 / PW6 / PY42Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil Mixed222
    58Bright Red PR254Linseed Oil W&N Artist Oils70
    59Pyrrole Red PR254Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian141914
    60Pyrrole Red PR254Safflower Oil Sennelier Rive Gauche222
    61Pyrrole Red PR254 / PW5Linseed Oil Schminke Akadamie565
    62Winsor Red PR254 / PR255Linseed Oil W&N Artist Oils70
    63Cadmium Red Light Hue UnknownSafflower Oil Sennelier Rive Gauche121
    64Primary Magenta PR122Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian585
    65Helios Purple PR122Safflower Oil Sennelier Rive Gauche222
    66Primary Magenta PR122Linseed Oil Schminke Akadamie676
    67Phthalo Blue PB15Linseed Oil W&N Winton454
    68Ultramarine Blue PB29Linseed Oil W&N Winton222
    69Ultramarine Blue PB29Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian9169
    70Viridian Hue PG7Linseed Oil W&N Winton898
    71Ivory Black PBk9Linseed Oil W&N Winton343
    72Ivory Black PBk9Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian232
    73Cadmium Orange Hue PO73 / PY65Linseed Oil W&N Winton272727
    74Magenta PR122 / PB15Linseed Oil W&N Winton161816
    75Phthalo Turquoise PB15 / PG7Linseed Oil W&N Artist Oils232
    76Mixed Orange PO73 / PY65 / PW74 / PW5 / PW6 / PR254Linseed Oil & Safflower Oil Mixed666
    77Pyrrole Orange PO73Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian333
    78Permanent Rose PV19Linseed Oil W&N Winton232
    79Ultramarine Blue PB29Linseed Oil R. Talens Van Gogh121312
    80Cobalt Blue Hue (Ultramarine) PB29Linseed Oil R. Talens Van Gogh181818
    81Permanent Blue PB29Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian333
    82Phthalo Blue PB15Linseed Oil R. Talens Van Gogh232
    83Primary Cyan PB15Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian232
    85Phthalo Green PG7Linseed Oil R. Talens Van Gogh62
    86Phthalo Green PG7Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian343
    88Lamp Black PBk6Linseed Oil W&N Winton454
    89Lamp Black PBk7Linseed Oil D. Rowney Georgian212121
  • This is a very time consuming analysis @Richard_P thanks for sharing this again. I'm looking at it with great interest!
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