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Hey you guys I was curious of your input about using linen to paint on. I have never used it but am considering it. Could you tell me your experience with it compared to cotton canvas. Also do you think it makes a difference to collectors which one you use?


  • You should definitely try it. I love to paint on double primed linen. Your paint will not get sucked into the canvas like cotton can. But, some here like the cotton canvas. It's something you have to experiment with. I don't think it makes a difference with collectors but I could be wrong about that.
  • Draggingsticks

    I use cotton. I have never heard of a dealer or collector discriminate.

    If you want fine detail and sharp edges go with linen.
    On the other hand if your style is more painterly, cotton is fine. The extra cost for linen would be wasted.

    In contrast to Ronna's experience I find that a double gesso primed linen or cotton will suck the oil and 'sink' the color from the pigment. The gesso is change agent here, not the support. All the color is restored after varnishing anyway.

    Cotton textured surface seems to drag the paint off the brush more easily.
    Suggest you compare a small panel of each side by side and determine which meets your needs.


  • In the past if I needed a smooth surface I would gesso and sand like 7 layers of gesso on the canvas, smooth as paper. Probably get some Christmas time.
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