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Five Limes

This is an 11”x14” on Dibond panel.
All comments and critiques are welcome.



  • wow! amazing work!!! 

  • you paint directly on to the diobond? or does it have fabric or something? it looks very smooth I really like how it looks

  • @RUESGA this was the smoothest I’ve done on a Dibond panel.  I sprayed the Dibond with auto primer then I brushed on white Holbein oil ground mixed with some raw umber to make a mid tone.  When I brushed that on I used a light criss crossed pattern.  Then after that dried I sanded that down just a bit with about 400 grade sand paper (I wore a mask and gloves because Holbein contains lead). That leaves a light linen looking texture.  I was then careful when applying the paint.
  • This is wonderful!  The limes in the glass bowl have great texture.  The glass bowl refractions and reflections are great.  Are the shadows that dark under the limes or should the shadows fade a bit as they travel away from the limes?  It looks like there is a kind of light ring around each of the shadows as well but that just might be because the shadows are so dark?  Just probably being picky though. I really love your painting.   Can somebody pass me the salt and some tequila please :)
  • GTOGTO -
    edited August 1
    Thanks @A_Time_To_Paint I appreciate the “pickiness “. 
    There is a bit of a ring of light around those shadows and the shadows don’t fade because the light is from above.  Here’s the source photo.  The source photo is darker than the actual setup and there’s more details to observe in the actual setup.

  • I like the painting better than the photo
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    It's fabulous, @GTO. I agree with RUESGA that the painting is better than the photo. The glass and the texture of the limes is excellent. And I like the way you've arranged things - the limes make a sort of wave moving left to right across the canvas.  :)
  • @GTO - I also like your painting better than the photo.  Thanks for posting your reference.  Now I "see."  Great job!!
  • Great painting @GTO, I love the arrangement, glass and limes are fantastic.

  • Thanks @A_Time_To_Paint@MichaelD @RUESGA and @tassieguy.  My perspective sitting in front of the setup is higher than the photo I took of the scene.  And I can see looking at my photo of the painting that the camera pushed the values higher.  The actual painting doesn’t look as yellow too.
  • I was wondering you painted from real life rather than a photo, it looks more “real” to me if that makes sense
  • @RUESGA. That may be due to the way I treated the glass bowl and the table.  The bowl is clearer and more defined and the table top has more detail.
  • Thanks @kaustavM. How are you doing with your recovery?  Have they given you any idea when you can go back home? 
  • Excellent @GTO
    When I look at the photo , the highlights are brighter than the painting. Also the reflections in the glass bowl are more pronounced. 
    To my eye , the painting needs SLIGHTLY brighter highlights to give it that extra pop. 
    But as always , you’ve done an amazing job. 

  • Thanks @Hilary. I see what you mean with those highlights.  I think I need to get better at taking photos.  The highlights are not that bright or spread out in the still life compared to the photo.   I tried making them brighter and spread out think I got that would give it that pop, but they looked too bright on the painting so I knocked them down a bit.  This brings up the question about averaging values and colors using a color checker.  I think it takes some practice and careful consideration to do that accurately.  Something else is that when painting small objects, like a line, from four and a half feet or a meter and a half it is even more difficult. 
  • Fabulous painting. I can't find one thing to pick a part.
  • Thanks @oilpainter1950 I appreciate your feedback.
  • GTO said:
    Thanks @kaustavM. How are you doing with your recovery?  Have they given you any idea when you can go back home? 
    Not yet but i can feel the bigger changes since yesterday. So let's hope very soon...
  • @kaustavM that’s good news.  Brings a smile to my face my friend.  😀

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    For me beautiful. First impression was - wow. Don't you like more intense focal points of light on objects?
  • Thanks @michal3michal.  I think if this as the lighting illuminating across the entire subject as opposed to the central lines being more illuminated than the outside lines.  
    I’ve done sixteen DMP paintings in the last twelve months and about half of them have had a more focused lighting effect.  Only three had a bright background and only one had a fabric (grayish) background.  
    This painting came about because I had some time on my hands and I just needed something to paint.  I liked the last painting I did of the lemons and  I saw a pile of limes at the grocery store and liked the colors.  And of course I had to add some glassware.  😀. 
  • I am really impressed with the quality of your paintings. Thanks for the explanations and responses to questions. Interested in painting on panels as well. Appreciate the information.
  • Excellent work.  Really like it.  You are setting a high standard here.
  • Thanks @Gary_Heath for the complement, much appreciated.  I’ll try to keep it up.   I’m not sure what to paint next.  Maybe I need to do a bit more grocery shopping.😀
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