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Hello again My second and Third work

Hello again. Thank you very much for your interest and valuable comments for my first work. I am sharing my second and third work today. I'm at the beginning of the road yet. I'm trying to do something good. I hope will like it . thank you very much for your valuable comments. :)



  • It would be helpful if you posted a photo of your source to help us say what's good or not about your painting. The trees above look good but the cabin doesn't look like you had a source.
  • Have you watched Mark 's videos?
  • edited July 31
    Hi, @oilpaintfan. It's great that you have started painting. You have captured the atmospheric perspective with the distant trees and made a good start on the snow.

    If you are interested in realism, DMP and this forum are the right places to be. You will get a lot of benefit from watching marks free videos in which he takes us through the skills of drawing, colour mixing and painting. I look forward to watching your progress.  :)
  • I keep wanting to see the indian port cut out and pasted on  landscape painting...perhaps the feather colors would adapt well in that scene.
    You established in these works learning examples of what works well and what is working against you.
    Transition is the key word.
    Realistic two dimensional art requires transition of all components....color...and lines thick to thin....clear and sharp to hardly detectable.
    The cabin shows transition of color and line and mark making or how the paint is applied. The result is spacial illusion.
    The indian has less transition of components like that of color....the background orange having little to none in change....compared to the cabin background.
    At the core of painting what it comes down to is values...lights and darks and mark making. All else is secondary.
    What can you do with just black and a learning project....and simplify by removing color identity and its variables like color temperature and intensity. 
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