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Unable to mix the correct color

I have watched the mixing tutorials and now I’m trying to get the golden brown of the loaf of bread and for some reason I can’t get it. My color is either a yellowy brown or a reddish brown and I am wasting too much paint as it is.


  • edited July 2020
    Can you show us your painting so that we can better advise you on mixing the colour? We need to see where you're at to be able to tell you in which direction to go.  :)
  • I am sending my pallette and the painting
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited July 2020
    Your table is much lighter in value than the photo. It makes it much harder to judge colors. That is why Mark Carder always paints some of the background behind the objects and is also why using a color checker is so beneficial.

    The pallet doesn't look like you followed the steps for getting the bread's colors. Another way is to find the darkest value on the bread and paint that first. Use that pile to lighten the value for the next lighter value on the bread and continue for each value.  Welcome to the forum.
  • dencaldencal -
    edited July 2020

    Looks like:
    base of white 8 parts
    yellow ochre 1 part

    The shadow areas use the above with a speck of ultramarine blue.

    Try specks of burnt sienna to boost the golden tones.


  • thanks Bob and dennis for responding.  I appreciate it.  Just starting Mark's training and having difficulties.

  • Hello there. Looks like you are at the same point I am. I seem to go thru a tube of paint to mix a color that I have finally settled on as “the” one. Looking forward to see how your colors turn out.
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