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Fixing old problems...

I have an oil painting (the first try with the "Carder Method") that I like a lot. However, after varnishing it, there's a couple of spots I'd like to correct. The painting was varnished in 2012, so I've looked at it a long time! Haha 
What should I do, or am I stuck? This has been discussed before but I can't find it. Thanks


  • you you will need to remove the varnish first.  I just went through that process a couple days ago.  I used gamsol but you could use older less turpentine.  I used cue tips and removed a square inch or two at a time.  I used the cue tips to put the gamsol on and rubbed it a bit and I wiped that off with small square of cheese cloth.  The cheese cloth will get sticky after a bit so you will have to use several as you go.  
  • Thanks so much, I'm going to do it! 
  • Something to watch for when you do remove the varnish...
    watch to see if you see paint color on the cue tips.  If you do that means that the painting may have been varnished too early and it combined with the paint.  If that’s the case you may not be able to remove the varnish without redoing the paint underneath.  
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