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My first oil painting

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I live in Kragerø, Norway and this is my first oil painting! I know I have much to learn and so please feel free to suggest changes or comment on mistakes or whatever. I painted this from life - just objects I have in my house that mean a lot to me. The candle holder is from late 1700 and  belonged to my great, great grandfather. The book from 1864 belonged to my great grandfather. The shoe is my first baby shoe and the ring is my wedding ring (3 rings in one). Thank you so much Marc Carder for all the inspiration, teachings and great paints. Not that I don't have anything to compare them too - since these are my first oil paints. 


  • Katrine

    Welcome the Forum.

    Clearly, you have experience in pastel or acrylic.  This is a very good painting. 
    Nice composition. Good flow of light. Wonderful ellipses. Competent edge work.
    Value range could be expanded for each colour group. Lighter lights and darker darks.
    Mid range values are a bit muddy and heavy warm tones.
    Are the book pages really that colour? They could relieve the chocolate overload if off white/grey.

  • Hi and welcome :)
    it's a great first painting!
  • Hi @katrine and welcome

    Well done for your first painting and some interesting. history behind the objects.

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    Thank you @Denis, @ArtGal and Michael for the warm welcome. Denis, I got seriously ill 2 years ago and during my recovery I started drawing with pencil and charcoal (a year and a half ago) and then watercolour a year ago. I used to be a musician and music teacher before I got ill and since I can't do that anymore I feel so grateful that I enjoy painting so much. My brain is fried after two weeks of getting to know this new medium - but I really love it! The book has the edge of every page coloured in gold, but since the book is so old it looks more like chocolate now. And I am sure I could have varied the values more in all the objects so I will take that with me for my next painting. Thanks for the feedback all of you!

  • Welcome to the forum.  It’s great that you are working from life.  Focus on the values first and use the color checker.  Mark has a good video on that.  You might start with a more simple single object until you are confident with using the color checker.
  • Welcome. It's a wonderful first painting. You can trust @dencal's advice. and @GTO is right about the color checking too.
  • edited July 30
    Thank you @GTO and @BOB73 - it's great to be here! Yes - typical me to start with something difficult. It did occur to me along the way that I could have chosen something less complicated. Believe it or not - I used the colour checker almost all the time and have watched almost all of Marc's videos. There is no way I could have painted this without that. I just have a long way to go I guess, I need to get better at using it (the colour checker). I appreciate the feedback!

  • Hi, @Katrine. Welcome to the forum. That is damned good for a first painting! I look forward to seeing more from you. I agree with @GTO. Start with something really simple like a single pear or a silver mug. This is the best way to get used to seeing and mixing values without having to worry too much about drawing a complex subject. I can tell by your work that you'll do great.  :)
  • Wow , you’re a fast learner @Katrine
    This painting looks as though you’ve been painting for years. 
    You’ve obviously got a talent for it. 
    Your set up is interesting and your colours very rich. 
    If you can achieve this at your first attempt , looks like you’re definitely going places.  Looking forward to watching your progression. 

  • edited July 30
    @Tassieguy and @Hilary: Thanks for your encouraging comments!

  • Welcome to the forum.  If you will put the @ sign in front of someone's name, they will be notified that you responded.  Lovely painting for your first time.
  • You're composing that's great! First paintings are never easy but always remain special because it gives a better vision for the next. Watch out for the shapes and subtle highlights and transitions.
  • Welcome to the forum and very good job on your first oil.
  • Welcome to the forum! This painting is a great beginning :) 
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